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Visibility into the what critical actions must be completed for a successful changeovers and insights into the status of those actions.
Today's Challenges

Lack of easy-to-consult directions and visibility into the status of critical actions to be completed to ensure a successful change. 

  • No visibility into all the actions required for a changeover and whether those actions were completed
  • Inability to capture  improvements for better changeovers in the future
  • Efficient teams lack the ability to share their best practices with other teams in a consistent way


Rever Benefits

Visibility into the what critical actions must be completed for a successful changeovers and insights into the status of those actions.

  • Visibility into the standard changeover process and which actions have been completed
  • All the collaborators have a consistent way to register their actions, and log any exceptions if needed
  • Since actions are registered and visible for everyone, it’s easy to share and replicate the best practices across the company
Prepare & Publish the Routine

Create the Changeover routine and the specific routine of the day in Rever. Define the teams and individuals that will do the Changeover routine Key information - Name (e.g. Product A to B change over) - Area - Assignees - Frequency
Execute the Routine & Capture Findings

Assignees executed the Changeover and capture their findings. Findings may range from observations, to issues or improvement ideas. Key information - Finding Description - Due date - Picture - Assignee
Follow up on Findings

Employees address Findings individually or in collaboration with colleagues. Managers maintain visibility into Findings, help drive execution, and track progress.
Share & Report

Visibility into activity, execution, and the impact on the operation Share the learning across the organization. Provide reports and insight to leadership teams.
Food Processing
Define the Changeover ‘from spicy to sweet flavor’
Establish the changeover steps (clean, tools, parameters) for the process and machines. Complete an initial training of supervisors and operators. Changeover created in Rever and assigned to teams/areas.

Launch Routine and Capture Findings
Individuals perform the changeover in the established frequency and log findings in Rever. Findings may addressed immediately, or assigned to other team members to complete.

Track Results and Impact
Execution of changeovers is tracked, performance documented, and execution of findings tracked. Changeover activity and result reports are reviewed regularly across the company. Best practices of changeover activities are shared across the company to be replicated and improve the standard practice.