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Operational Maintenance
at the Frontline

Rever allows the frontline to identify and address machine abnormalities.
Enable proactive maintenance to keep operation within target and elevate operational performance.

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Rever allows everyone to immediately report and address an outage, defect, or blockage. Because all the information is captured and centralized, we can see patterns and dig into root causes of issues.

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Elevate Operational Performance by:

Maximizing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

Managing planned maintenance percentage (PMP)

Increasing machine availability

Maximizing number of items delivered on time

Driving highest capacity utilization


Enable proactive maintenance and keep operation within target to elevate operational performance.

Empower organizations to meet customer expectations by ensuring machinery reliability, increasing availability, and establishing coordinated maintenance.


Roadblocks to program success and KPIs

Delayed response extends downtime

It takes too long to report and fix down machines since the information travels through various processes and formats.

Maintenance not operator is in control

Operators do not take responsibility over their performance because machine up-time ownership remains in the hands of maintenance.

Losing expertise and experience

Frontline know-how on machine operation, processes, and maintenance is lost as operators change and are limited in the channels to share their insights.


Let Operators Take Control and Own Accountability

Empower the Frontline to Drive Operational Efficiency
-Allow everyone to participate in reporting and addressing issues
-Decentralize experimentation and approvals to drive velocity

Connect the Frontline to Align and Collaborate
-Enable individuals and teams to work together and share learnings
-Focus individual and team efforts around company and operational objectives

Drive Frontline Operational Efficiency Programs
-Leverage smartphone technology already available at the frontline
-Centralize data to report on operational efficiency with real-time dashboards


Rever Features & Benefits

Rever's mobile App and SaaS platform empower the frontline to identify and address machine abnormalities, while providing leadership with real-time visibility and analysis on recurrent issues to tackle the root cause.

Mobile App

Smartphone or tablet, anyone can record abnormalities or machine gaps at anytime.

Guided Workflow

Quick Action template guides user to identify machine abnormalities and fix them.
8D Problem Solving guides user through a root cause and deeper analysis to reduce waste. Quick Action template guides users in identifying and fixing machine abnormalities.
8D Problem Solving guides users through root cause and deeper analysis to reduce waste.

Machine Abnormalities

Identify and easily categorize the issues by standard TPM list categories. Analyze trends and focus on those areas where the problems are happening.

Identify the source

With configurable tags, easily identify where the defect occurred, in which machine or for what product. With configurable tags, easily identify where the defect occurred, in which machine or which product.


Align efforts and resources towards specific objectives by launching campaigns the recognize relevant ideas and improvements. Align efforts and resources toward specific objectives by launching campaigns that recognize ideas and improvements focused on business priorities.

Virtual Teams

Connect individuals across teams to get the right people together, and foster collaboration and interactions across the company. Remove ideation silos and connect individuals to encourage all star teams that are tailored to the challenges they are solving.

Data Insights & AI

Transparency into all activities to share learnings, anlayze trends, and automatically recommend improvements across groups. Algorithmic horsepower to amplify user efforts through shared learnings, trend analysis and recommended improvements.

Dashboards & Reporting

Real-time insights into participation activity and performance impact.

Kaizen for Everyone

Maintenance Management for Everyone

Operators have much more ownership over their machines because they know they can solve problems and be recognized for their contributions.

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Empower your team


Don't let another day go by with your most valuable resource untapped. Let's explore how Rever can help you.

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