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Barcel Unleashes the Hidden Value of Its Associates with Rever


Bring to life the mission to “Build a sustainable, highly productive, and deeply humane company” by engaging and recognizing Barcel’s associates through a company wide continuous improvement program.

Rever Solution

Align Objectives: Launching campaigns around specific organization priorities with Rever Challenges. Dashboards provide real-time insight into accomplishments.
Empower Employees: Easy to use application in everyone's hands. Connecting individuals and team to collaborate and learn from each other.
Execute Operations: Leveraging guided PDCA workflow to get the appropriate review, approval, and then take action.


Barcel launched Rever to reinvigorate the participation of associates in driving innovation and operational performance.
-Safety: One challenge yielded 149 new ideas to increase health and safety
-Quality: Improved process reduced rework and scrap
-Costs: Over $2M USD Annual Savings
-Delivery: 25% Reduction of the setup time in one process
-People: More than 600 ideas with animplementation rate over 50%

Elizabeth Valladares
Operations Productivity Leader at Barcel

"Rever is a friendly platform. The capture of ideas with pictures and simple questions makes it easier for users to submit improvements and complete the cycle from the identification of a problem to the implementation of the solution."

"This technology has helped us to identify more opportunities by easily capturing ideas in a phone app or website and reducing time needed to evaluate whether to test proposed ideas. We can now easily test our initiatives and see if they are worthy of implementation."

About Barcel

Barcel, a subsidiary of Grupo Bimbo, is a confectionery and snack food manufacturer headquartered in Lerma, Mexico. Barcel produces many products, including potato chips, Takis (spicy, rolled-up tortilla chips), Papatinas (slightly-spicy trench fries), and many flavors of popcorns.

About Rever, Inc.

Headquartered in San Mateo, CA (USA), Rever is a Software as a Service (Saas) company offering a digitized Frontline Excellence and Continuous Improvement platform to engage employees in driving innovations and addressing operational issues such as safety, quality, and performance. Companies in over 20 countries leverage Rever to elevate their operational performance.