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Being Simpler, Faster, and Better with Bruce Carnohan

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Are you trying to become simpler, faster and better? Then you might want to ask Bruce Carnohan, popularly known as “The Guy in the Blue Shirt!”

This week, the Lean Frontline Podcast features Bruce Carnohan who is armed with a 15+ year tenure spanning across 27 different industries and has helped high-potential team members, team leaders and business owners save or eliminate wasted processes to save time and money. A proponent of the #SimplerFasterBetter methodology, Bruce helps clients apply process improvement and Lean six-sigma methodologies to all initiatives. 

In this episode, he will discuss building trust, saving a dollar or a minute a day, and empowering frontline workforces through the use of smart devices in the workplace.

Having helped implement hundreds of process improvement implementations, Bruce has pinpointed the root characteristics of leaders who are really successful in doing getting input from the frontline. 

He has found that “successful leaders must seek to understand what their employees are going through or what would make their workplace simpler or faster or better and really start to listen to what they say.” 

Part of the challenge in being able to do this successfully is being able to build trust. “Becoming their buddy and seeking to understand their struggles is an amazing trust builder. And the lines of communication suddenly start to open up.”

Your frontline is crucial to helping you save time and money. “Sometimes, it’s the extremely simple tools that will give you a very powerful and profound answer.”

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