Lean Manufacturing Excellence Through Continuous Improvement

Rever is the digital Kaizen platform for industrial companies.
It helps you deliver immediate results while developing a long-term cultural change.

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Rever is aligned to our Continuous Improvement cycle and our constant search to generate value in all our activities. It helps us to easily obtain and manage ideas from the operational level to all the managers. This way, everyone is taken into account, which strengthens one of our strong beliefs as a company: ‘To value the person’.

Laura M. Pérez Vargas — Global Continuous Improvement Manager at Grupo Bimbo

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If you are the leader of

Lean Manufacturing

Operational Excellence

Continuous Improvement


Six Sigma

Production Productivity

Performance Improvement


And you have this mission

To help your organization deliver the highest-quality products to delighted customers, just in time, with minimal inventories, and in the most cost-effective way, through an engaged workforce

Ship products faster in the most cost-effective way.

You might be facing these obstacles

Pressure from the top to deliver immediate results

You know Lean Manufacturing is not cost-cutting magic: creating sustainable results requires cultural change.

Lack of attention from production colleagues

When there is an urgency to deliver and ship, who has the time for 5-day Kaizen events?

Resistance to Lean tools

The frontline workers do not understand and therefore reject foreign-sounding tools such as Kanban, Poka Yoke, or Andon.

Build a Continuous Improvement Culture.

Build a Continuous Improvement Culture

Being a Lean company requires more than simply "implementing" tools such as Value Stream Maps, SMED, 5S, or A3 reports.

Sustaining Operational Excellence, in the long run, demands improvement to be done every day, everywhere, by everyone.

This concept—known as Kaizen—is the basis of the industrial and managerial practices that evolved into what is known today as Lean Manufacturing: the Toyota Production System.


How Rever Helps

Rever digitizes Kaizen to make it easier to practice and sustain improvements. Our platform makes it simple to participate, execute quickly, spread ideas, and track results.

Kaizen for all

Excellence is not only for the Six Sigma Black Belts. Rever’s intuitive mobile app helps you reach everyone in the Gemba. It allows your frontline employees to own the solutions and improvements to the problems they encounter daily.

Empowerment through PDCA

The Rever Cycle guides your frontline employees through the proven Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) method. It removes friction from the process of capturing and executing ideas quickly, instead of just throwing them into an abandoned suggestion box.

Spread and reuse ideas

Why reinvent the wheel across teams and sites? Rever helps your ideas to be automatically rediscovered and implemented precisely when and where they are needed.

Track results effortlessly

What has been the impact of Continuous Improvement efforts in terms of savings, new revenue, productivity, quality, safety, or customer satisfaction? With Rever, you can know at a glance, without having to chase reports.

Change Management for lasting improvement

Our Customer Success team of experienced Lean practitioners works with you to help deliver quick wins while ensuring the long-term adoption by all of the daily improvement habit.

Kaizen for Everyone

Kaizen for Everyone

With the right mix of technology and training to engage all your frontline employees in daily Kaizen, Rever makes your Lean journey more effective.

Rever is the perfect tool for Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing quality improvements. The app allows you to have a record of what everyone is doing and to democratize knowledge.

Manuel Ramírez — Ventures Director at Grupo Bimbo

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Empower your team

Continuous Improvement Software For Incremental Wins

Many companies struggle with the implementation of Kaizen. It can take time to wrap their heads around the strange words and continuous process philosophy. Identifying improvement opportunities and integrating existing management systems can seem like a challenge. But continuous improvement software makes the entire process simplified.

Planning and implementing a quality continuous improvement process is much easier when you have a proven framework to work from. Rever software gives you just that so that you can focus on following the steps instead of figuring out the best way to go about leveraging potential improvements. Our digital tool enables everyone in your company to contribute ideas and act on them. It levels the playing field so that front line staff and senior executives are all working from the same playbook.

Our software enables you to capture more opportunities for innovation. It facilitates knowledge sharing across departments and business units so that everyone’s kept in the loop. When issues or potential improvements are identified, our digital tool helps your teams to perform a root cause analysis and then brainstorm solutions. It enables staff to suggest action plans and then follow through, whether they’re responsible for equipment maintenance or strategic decision making.

One of the key features of Kaizen is the PDCA model – plan, do, check, act. It guides employees on how to implement improvements gradually and successfully. Rever digitizes this process so that it becomes streamlined and easy-to-execute. Your teams will be able to capture and submit root cause issues quickly. Instead of throwing ideas into a suggestion box and hoping they get seen, staff will have visibility over the action plans that are developed.  This aids quality management and employee engagement, since people will see that their feedback is being acted upon. It also motivates staff to implement more improvements and builds a shared culture.

One challenge that many companies face is how to share quality ideas and reuse them internally. Departments can often learn and benefit from each other’s knowledge or expertise on how to solve a problem. But traditional departmental silos make information sharing difficult which means improvement opportunities are missed. They rely on managers to communicate potential improvements or ideas and disseminate them back to their teams, which results in unnecessary bottlenecks.  Improvement software removes this barrier and facilitates the flow of information between departments, as well as up and down the management hierarchy. It ensures that you never miss a revenue opportunity due to lack of knowledge sharing or poor internal communication.

The beauty of using software for your continuous improvement processes is that everything is easily tracked. Instead of relying on written documents or complex spreadsheets, you can generate reports and measure KPIs on the spot. There’s no need to chase up staff for information or burden them with unnecessary admin tasks – simply click a button to generate everything you need. This makes it quick and easy to see how action plans are coming along or quality management is evolving. Our management systems even allow you to measure the impact of your continuous improvement efforts on revenue, productivity, safety, and cost savings.

Why Choose Rever?

Rever is one of the leading continuous improvement platforms in the USA and operates on a global scale. It’s used by automotive companies, airplane manufacturers, and industrial food and beverage businesses to drive quality management, sustain improvement efforts, and deliver immediate results. If your organization wants to adopt a continuous improvement program that’ll last for the long-term and achieve tangible outcomes, then Rever can help.


  •         Supports the complete spectrum of the improvement process – from feedback collection and root cause analysis to project management and result measurement.
  •         Easy to use – so that employees from varied backgrounds and all levels of computing abilities can intuitively understand how to use it which improves overall adoption and adherence to improvement programs.
  •         Accessible from anywhere – runs via the cloud so the platform can be accessed by anyone with a tablet or mobile device, whether they’re on the factory floor or in a C-suite office.
  •         Streamlines and improves communication – by removing the need for back and forth emails, supporting automated project alerts, and facilitating the knowledge sharing of best practices and success stories.
  •         Engages employees – empowers staff to make an impact in their workplace which leads to greater fulfillment and demonstrates that their ideas and opinions are truly valued.
  •         Replaces out-of-date paper documentation – like work instructions, policies, and procedures with digital versions that are universally available and easy to update regularly for ongoing accuracy.
  •         Simplified tracking and measurement – track results and ROI of improvement projects at the touch of a button while also identifying opportunities for scaling the most effective ideas.


Our continuous improvement software supports project management, employee engagement, and business innovation. It enables you to implement more improvement ideas at a faster pace so that incremental changes quickly lead to large-scale wins. It’s one of the most fundamental continuous improvement tools that’s necessary for success in an increasingly competitive world. If your organization is looking for a way to develop a culture of innovation and become the leader in its industry, then embedding an improvement philosophy into everyday activities is crucial. This kind of approach leads to better quality for customers, greater safety for staff, and a larger revenue opportunity for businesses overall.

Rever’s Continuous Improvement Software Solution

At Rever, we believe that anybody can be a knowledge worker, contribute to the organization’s success and thrive in their work through their contribution. What makes us human is the capacity to grow our intellect and will, and to use them for good. We observe, especially at work, that most people are asked to stop thinking and do as they are told. We want to change that. We enable people to achieve their full creative potential.

Rever is all about sharing and reusing, doing and tracking. Continuous improvement becomes a hundred times easier with our innovative digital platform. Using Rever’s dashboard, you can monitor the performance of your teams, the summary of their impact, and easily identify the people making the biggest difference at your company.

 Rever Cycle is our version of the PDCA methodology and guides your teams on the exact steps to follow to execute their own ideas. It allows them to capture the entire process, from identifying a problem to experimenting and implementing a solution. They can use it to capture the before and after with pictures, notes and drawings, making their ideas a reality in no time. The time of your team is too valuable to be wasted in handmade drawings and complex explanations.

Interested in learning more or implementing your own management process? Then request a demo with one of our friendly team.


Experience proves that the only way to sustain improvement is to never stop improving. So, why not take the first step?

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