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Better Ware

Driving a Continuous Improvement Culture throughout Assembly and Manufacturing Plants


Activate everyone at Betterware to engage in elevating operational performance and exceeding customer expectations through a culture of continuous improvement that allows everyone to create and implement new ideas, as well as fix issues.


Betterware has been unable to maintain consistent momentum in their program. The delay in implementing fixes and ideas has causes employees to lose interest in the program. The management team lacks visibility to the participation level, idea volume, and impact of ideas to drive the program.

Betterware gets visibility into it's Frontline Innovation with Rever

Rever Solution

  • Empower all employees to participate with easy mobile platform
  • Allow everyone to create, experiment, and implement ideas
  • Connect individuals to collaborate and share learning
  • Increase participation with gamification and recognition
  • Drive programs with real-time dashboards
  • Execute campaigns to focus everyone of specific company objectives

Performance Impact

  • Safety: Incidents prevention with the boxes of inventory, 5S has been implemented to keep the environment clean and organized
  • Quality: We are reducing errors in order assortment to avoid impact the end customer with lack of product
  • Delivery: Excessive warehouse merchandise movements were were solved through a Kaizen event
  • Costs: By Reducing shipping errors, we avoid extra shipping costs
  • People:
  • More than 250 Ideas created with 35% implemented in year one

Rever has helped on two fronts. On the one hand, we have managed to make the operational staff participate more in contributing ideas of improvement where there really is a proposed solution and not just a complaint. On the other hand, it gives us a mechanism through which we ensure that there is action and feedback on the same ideas. This has the effect on the collaborator of feeling heard and wanting to participate more. All this adds to the strategy of continuous improvement with a direct impact on our indicators of productivity and quality that in turn lead us to increase customer service which is the primary objective of the operation center.