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KIO Networks

Becoming the Innovation leader in Information Technologies with Rever’s Platform


The success in the technology industry is to add value to customers with new technologies and innovative services. Kio must promote disruptive innovation to maintain the leadership in the IT market.


Promote creative thinking and adaptable change in all the employees of the company with the aim of generating new processes, services and products that provide greater value to their customers.

Kio Network empowers innovation through Rever’s Continuous Improvement Platform

Rever Solution

  • Empower all employees to participate with easy mobile platform
  • Allow everyone to create, experiment, and implement ideas
  • Connect individuals to collaborate and share learning
  • Increase participation with gamification and recognition
  • Drive programs with real-time dashboards
  • Execute campaigns to focus everyone of specific company objectives

Performance Impact

  • Safety: The company is increasing the Home Office alternative to take care about the life balance and also save costs
  • Quality: More attractive and available information in digital album. More than 15K USD in savings
  • Delivery:
  • Costs: $1 million USD Annual Savings
  • Over 170 Ideas created with 30% implemented in last 6 months

“With Rever, users can share ideas to improve their processes and for their products to be more efficient, faster and cheaper. Through Rever we promote participation and collaboration.”

Bernardo González,
Chief Innovation Officer