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Philip Morris International (PMI)

Transforming into a Digital and Smoke-Free company with Rever’s Frontline Platform


Innovation is essential to stay competitive and keep offering high-quality products. Evolve from a conventional to a digital company to transform into a smoke-free business.


A paper-driven Continuous Improvement system that was bogged down with bureaucracy and lack of participation. Small, everyday improvement to processes seldomly occured.  

PMI Save Million and Drives Employee Engagement With Rever’s Continuous Improvement Platform

Rever Solution

  • Empower all employees to participate with easy mobile platform
  • Allow everyone to create, experiment, and implement ideas
  • Connect individuals to collaborate and share learning
  • Increase participation with gamification and recognition
  • Drive programs with real-time dashboards
  • Execute campaigns to focus everyone of specific company objectives

Performance Impact

  • Safety: More than 300 new ideas to increase security in only 1 site
  • Quality: Challenges focused initiatives that help us on detection of deviations
  • Delivery: Breakdown elimination to improve the production capacity
  • Costs: over 2 million USD in Annual Savings
  • Over 400 Ideas created with 50% implemented in last 6 months

“The most important benefit is that we are creating a new asset: employees doing Continuous Improvement. We have hundreds of people doing something better today than they did yesterday, and this is the best practice for the future.“

Ricardo Cordoba,
Director of Operations