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Rever FAQ

What does Rever do?

Rever is a digitized Continuous Improvement platform for global industrial companies that empowers frontline employees to innovate daily. Rever’s mobile app enables every frontline worker in industrial companies to capture their ideas, test them, and implement them, unlocking innovation and allowing every worker to contribute to a thriving company. Unlike traditional “process optimization” tools such as paper based value stream maps and A3 reports, or  lean manufacturing methods such as SMED or 5S, which focus on specific operations, only Rever moves beyond process to drive action. Rever digitizes the proven Kaizen activities, enabling everyone, everywhere to take action every day. With Rever, industrial companies can quickly improve their productivity, cost-efficiency, and employee engagement to ignite rapid continuous improvement and competitive advantage.

Which continuous improvement philosophy do you adhere to and how does it help industrial companies?

  • Rever’s solution is based on the continuous improvement philosophy called Kaizen. The definition of kaizen comes from two Japanese words: ‘kai’ meaning ‘change’ and ‘zen’ meaning ‘good’. The Japanese philosophy was first introduced by Toyota back in the 1980s and has since been adopted by thousands of companies around the globe. This lean transformation encourages an improvement culture that gradually increases quality, efficiency, and profitability.
  • Kaizen is a statistical process control that improves quality in every aspect of your business. Employees are empowered to suggest ideas that address common problems so that they don’t reoccur. By tackling issues head-on, problems aren’t allowed to persist and grow into bigger challenges. This grassroots approach delivers incremental improvements that add up to big wins.  Rever is powering the Kaizen lean digital transformation, saving frontline employees precious time and empowering them to ignite innovation and success for their companies.

What can industrial companies achieve with the help of Rever?

  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Quality
  • Improve Safety
  • Boost Sustainability
  • Grow Revenue
  • Develop New Products
  • Increase Employee Retention

Who are your clients?

World-class companies such as Grupo Bimbo, Audi, Mars, Mitsubishi, and Philip Morris International use Rever technology to involve all employees in process improvement.

Some key statistics about out customer deployments:

  • 11,000 Employees empowered
  • 250 Challenges launched
  • 5,000 Ideas created
  • $40M Savings identified

Where can I read about Rever success stories?

Tell me more about your technology and services:

Rever provides the industry’s only fun, easy-to-use, secure and cloud based platform that digitizes the proven continuous improvement methodology called Kaizen. By empowering armies of frontline workers to contribute and implement ideas, incremental innovations happen constantly. Continuous Improvement magic works effortlessly through the Rever’s platform. Teams know exactly which steps to follow, using the unique Rever Cycle (tm?) Rever captures the whole innovation process, from identifying a problem to experimenting and identifying a solution. Teams can capture before and after pictures, notes and drawings, to make their ideas into reality in no time. With real-time notifications, the collaboration of teams that operate daily in complex environments becomes easy and fast.

How do you price your software?

Rever offers solutions for teams of all sizes. Find the one that’s best for you, here:

When were you founded?

May 7, 2015

How many employees do you have?

25 employees

Have you received funding?

Rever raised $2.25M in October, 2018 from Sequoia and  Zetta Venture Partners.

Rever HQ

400 Concar Rd., San Mateo, CA. 94022, United States. +1 (937) 738-3711

Rever Guadalajara

Amado Nervo 2200, Col. Jardines del Sol, Zapopan, Jalisco, CP 45050

Rever EU

WeWork c/o (Rever, Inc.) Luxa, C/Tánger-Badajoz Barcelona, B 08018 (Spain)

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