Lean through Kaizen

Lean organizations seem like a dream: they deliver the highest quality products to delighted customers, just in time, with minimal inventories, in the most cost-effective way through an engaged workforce. Who wouldn't want to achieve that?

Unfortunately, only 5 out of 100 companies persevere in their Lean journey.

At Rever, we understand that being a Lean company requires more than merely "implementing" tools like Value Stream Maps, Kanban, Pokayoke or 5S. 

Sustaining Operational Excellence, in the long run, requires improvement to be done by everyone, everywhere and every day. 

 KAI = Change            ZEN = Good

KAI = Change            ZEN = Good

This is known as Kaizen: to continuously drive change for the better. 

This culture of Continuous Improvement is the basis of the industrial and managerial practices that evolved into what we know today as Lean Manufacturing: the Toyota Production System.

Rever is the ideal catalyst to develop a real Kaizen culture. 

The Rever Cycle, which guides your team to take action on their ideas through experimentation, is inspired by the Deming cycle: Plan - Do - Check - Act, also known by the acronym PDCA. 

Here's how the Rever Cycle aligns to PDCA:


Rever provides everybody in your team the ability, the motivation and the recognition to drive Continuous Improvement.

Whether you are trying to achieve Operational Excellence through Lean, Six Sigma or other approaches, experience proves that the only way to sustain improvement is this:





Is Rever a good fit for your company?

Ideal qualifications:

  • Your organization already practices some form of Continuous Improvement and wants to get better at it;
  • You have strong support from your CEO or a brave and strong Executive Sponsor;
  • Your company has more than 1,000 employees.

If you meet these three conditions, we will be best friends forever. Reach out to us to talk about how Rever can help you develop a Kaizen culture within your organization.