About this Guide

Welcome! The purpose of this section is to help you understand if Rever is really for you and your organization and to help you evaluate if we are the best fit to meet your needs.

You can learn at your own pace. However, don't hesitate to reach out to us whenever you want. We have hands-on expertise in developing cultures of Continuous Improvement in companies with tens of thousands of employees. 

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Together, we can determine if your organization is ready for this radical belief: that amazing things can happen if you empower all your people to take action on their own ideas.

For Lean Enterprises

  • Your organization already practices some form of Continuous Improvement and wants to get better at it;
  • You have strong support from your CEO or a brave and strong Executive Sponsor;
  • Your company has more than 1,000 employees.

If you meet these three conditions, we will be best friends forever. Learn More >>

The Problem Rever helps you Tackle

Is your suggestion system rejecting most ideas, and paralyzing the rest? These are the most common symptoms that Rever can tackle within a Continuous Improvement program that needs a boost. Learn more >>

The Rever Solution

Through our online mobile platform and Change Management services, we help you develop a self-managed and entrepreneurial system that engages all your frontline employees in daily improvement through experiments

Bust the suggestion box and eliminate the evaluation committee (don't worry, they'll get a much better role). Learn more >>

Success Stories

We serve Global 2000 companies that are developing a culture of Continuous Improvement and Innovation. Here are some of their stories. Learn more >>

Alternatives to Rever

How does Rever stack against the competition? We will avoid the temptation of showing a list of features with check marks and crosses showing how we are superior. Instead, we will emphasize on how we are different. Learn more >>

Buying Process

While each company has its particular procurement process, here is a typical way to move forward. Learn more >>