About this Guide

Welcome! The purpose of this section is to help you find the best solution to your needs for promoting a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

We also have another ambitious objective - that you enjoy this learning process at your own pace, without a pushy salesperson trying to pressure you to buy a solution you probably don't need yet. With your feedback, we will add more information to this guide, so you get all your answers. Our promise: we will not call you unless you ask us to.

That said, don't hesitate to reach out to us whenever you want. We have hands-on expertise in developing cultures of Frontline Innovation and Continuous Improvement in companies with tens of thousands of employees. 

We have real-world experience with the human side of Change Management. We can help you articulate your challenges and objectives, and determine if Rever is a good fit for you. You can see all the ways for you to contact us by clicking here:

Are we biased towards Rever? Perhaps. Most likely, yes. However, we also know that there is nothing worse than swimming against the current. Together, we can determine if your organization is ready for this radical idea: that amazing things can happen if you empower all your people to take action on their own ideas.

In this guide, we will:

  • Explain the problems we are best suited to solve, 
  • Give you a demonstration of our solution,
  • Show you what some of our customers have done with the help of Rever,
  • Explain how we compare to other seemingly similar platforms (and maybe even recommend you to consider those), 
  • Review if your organization is ready for using Rever,
  • And, finally, help you to evaluate if Rever is a good fit for your organization.

Enjoy the ride!