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Lean Experts Share Strategies, Tactics, and Learnings on Achieving Operational Excellence

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We’re thrilled to announce a new series on our Lean Frontline Podcast called Conversations with Consultants. Each week, we’ll speak with some of the most prominent experts in lean manufacturing, leadership, and operational excellence. You’ll hear their insights and perspectives on the strategies and tactics industrial firms should use to innovate quickly and drive a successful culture of excellence.

Upcoming consultant interviews include:

Nate Barber: (Available now) The series kicks off with Nate Barber, a Lean consultant who creates company cultures that continuously improve by eliminating waste. A Transactional Lean Sigma expert, Nate specializes in optimizing daily operations and office processes. Nate shares his thoughts on how to measure what matters most, how to embrace change, and how to play the game of process improvement.

Bruce Carnohan: Available August 5: Known as “The Guy in the Blue Shirt,” Bruce helps high-potential team members, team leaders and business owners save or eliminate massive amounts of wasted process steps-time and money. A proponent of the #SimplerFasterBetter methodology, Bruce helps clients apply process improvement and Lean six-sigma methodologies to all initiatives. In this episode, he will discuss building trust, saving a dollar or a minute a day, and empowering frontline workforces through the use of smart devices in the workplace.

Dan Pinkham, Available August 12: Dan is a continuous improvement expert with cross functional experience in operations, engineering, asset care, operational excellence, project management, and health and safety. Dan will share his thoughts about ways to build trust and truly understand the problems people face, how to make a problem as visual as possible to help everyone solve it together, and how to apply proven continuous improvement tools to solve business problems.

Carlos Conejo, Available August 19: Carlos is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with a track record of transforming organizations and improving operational performance. In this episode, Carlos will discuss the critical role of benchmarking and how different industries can learn from each other. He’ll also explain how and why to administer a behavioral assessment, and how to use new technologies to tap into subject matter experts who are closest to your customers.

Bookmark our Lean Frontline Podcast page to gain valuable knowledge on how to use continuous improvement and lean principles to ignite your frontline workforce and make measurable improvements to quality, safety, and operational efficiencies.

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