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Excellence at the Frontline

Today’s pharmaceutical companies must adapt to changing demographics,
access to health care access, competition, and new scientific breakthroughs.
Rever helps harness the power of frontline teams to elevate
operational performance.

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Rever increases our velocity as a company. By engaging employees across the organization we have been able to not only improve existing operations, but to adjust more quickly to new processes and products.

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Elevate Operational Performance by:

Minimizing # of Shortages

Maximizing Output/lot & Output/day

Increasing days w/o incident

Decreasing Lot failure rate

Controlling OSHA recordable rates

Minimizing # incidents and near-misses

Operational Excellence at the Frontline

Empower frontline teams to deliver pharmaceutical and health care products.

Leverage your frontline expertise, innovation, and operations to consistently deliver high quality products that help to diagnose, alleviate, and cure diseases while contributing to enhancing lives.


Roadblocks to program success and KPIs

Customer Interaction Evolution

- Increasing & Aging Populations
- Personalized Medicine
- Telemedicine

Technology Advancement

- Wearables
- Gene Editing
- Artificial Intelligence & Big Data

Cost Pressure

- Rising Prescription Prices
- Generics and Biosimilars
- Government Regulations


Harness Innovation and Drive Performance

Empower the Frontline to Innovate and Improve
-Activate your teams to find new improvement opportunities to uncover more ideas
-Decentralize experimentation and approvals to drive velocity

Create a Frontline Network to Align and Collaborate
-Establish goals coordinated with company objectives to stay focused
-Provide insights into performance impact to measure what matters with real-time dashboards

Drive Frontline Programs to Accelerate
-Leverage smartphone technology already in their hands to activate the frontline
-Centralize data into a unified platform to uncover insights and make better decisions


Rever Features & Benefits

Rever's mobile App and SaaS platform empower the frontline to identify and address quality failures, while providing leadership with real-time visibility and analysis to rectify quality lapses and tackle the root cause.

Mobile App

Smartphone or tablet, anyone can record defects or quality gaps anytime, anywhere.

Guided Workflow

Quick Action template guides user to identify basic quality issues uncovered.
8D Problem Solving guides user through a root cause and deeper analysis. Quick Action template guides users in identifying basic quality issues that were previously unknown.
8D Problem Solving guides users through root cause and deeper analysis.

Identify the source

With configurable tags, easily identify where the defect occurred, in which machine or for what product.


Participants improving quality are rewarded immediately by earning points and leaders have the ability to recognize individuals. Participants that improve quality are rewarded through points and leaders have the ability to recognize individuals.


Turn defects into campaigns for your teams to align around solving the root causes of the quality gap. Turn known defects into campaigns to focus your teams on solving the root causes of your highest priority quality gaps.

Virtual Teams

Connect individuals across teams to get the right people together, and foster collaboration across the company. Remove ideation silos and connect individuals to encourage all star teams that are tailored to the safety challenges they are solving.

Data Insights & AI

Transparency into all activities to share learnings, anlayze trends, and automatically recommend improvements across groups. Algorithmic horsepower to amplify user efforts through shared learnings, trend analysis and recommended improvements.

Dashboards & Reporting

Real-time insights into participation activity and performance impact.

Kaizen for Everyone

Engaging Everyone to Elevate Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing

Rever pushes innovation and improvement to the frontline, empowering employees from all areas in the company to improve the ways of working on a daily basis.

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