Pricing and more

We currently specialize in serving large industrial enterprises; typically, Fortune 1000 companies. 

As is common in such dealings, the pricing of Rever's services will depend on how deep and wide the adoption target is.

That said, we would like to avoid you any surprises. Here are some initial guidelines that will help you understand the nature of a typical commercial agreement with Rever:


  • The subscription for our services starts at a minimum of USD 7,000 per month for access to all employees in a site. It is a yearly contract.
  • All-inclusive: the fee includes initial setup, deployment, training, consulting (Lean, Kaizen, Innovation, Change Management), internal communication, technical support, and maintenance.
  • We do not charge per user or license, but rather per company, site, or division. We provide access to all employees within that scope.


The main point: we are not here to simply sell you access to our software. Our mission is to help you tackle your strategic objectives and to build a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

To explore your case and to provide you with a better estimate, please click here:

If you are not ready to talk with us, or if you just cringe at the thought of speaking with a salesperson, we hear you. You'll definitely want to visit our Buyers' Guide, where you can learn most of the things a sales rep can tell you.