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Actionable Insight at the Frontline

Rever provides leaders the ability to make smarter and faster decisions. Leverage data science and machine learning to elevate operational excellence.

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Empower your team

Put the power of data to work for you

"Having the real-time insight into the activity and impact of the frontline allows us to make better decisions. Data from our frontline workers triggers faster actions. It also saves us a ton of time to prepare the information for management reporting."


Put the power of data to work for you

Increase Safety

Data to identify risk areas, activities, and teams.

Improve Quality

Track for internal planning and external reporting.

Reduce Costs

Prioritize activities to maximize impact on financial results.

Ensure Delivery

Insights into production output and flow.

Engage Employees

Recognize the most active and impactful contributors.

Build Resilience

Build personal ownership as everyone has visibility into impact and activity.


Better Business.

  • “Adopting Rever as a global platform has allowed us to transform the many innovative ideas into reality, as well as address issues much faster and right at the source. Rever is becoming a tool that strengthens daily our culture of continuous improvement in Grupo Bimbo.”

    Samuel Gomez Garcia, Global Continuous Improvement Director, Grupo Bimbo

  • “Rever has been much more than a supplier; but has been an ally, accompanying our plants every step of the way. We are seeing improvements in participation, quality, safety, and efficiency.”

    Ender Alexander Delgado, Operations Leader, MARS

By the Numbers.

  • One campaign with over 149 new ideas to increase health and safety.

  • Reduction in weight deviations in packaging saved more than $100K.

  • $825K in cost reduction in one plant from frontline improvement ideas.

  • Improved change-over process increased process throughput by 25%.

  • Record 900 ideas created with a record implementation rate above 60%.

  • Increased adoption of new COVID-19 health and safety requirements.

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