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Collaborative and methodical DMAIC approach with Rever

Rever empowers individuals to collaborate in solving complex problems.
Cultivate teamwork and disciplined problem solving to elevate operational performance.

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Empower your team

Rever has allowed us to activate a standardized DMAIC problem solving methodology across the company. We are now collaborating better not only inside the organization but also with our suppliers and customers.



Increase Safety

Launch challenges to your team that align to company objectives and drive everyone’s efforts towards a common direction.

Recognition System

Improve Quality

Allow anyone to identify, address, and track a safety concern. Creating a safer and healthier workplace.


Higher Implementation Rates

Allow everyone to identify, track, and resolve quality anomalies. Accelerating issue resolution.

Offline Mode

Reduce Costs

Allow the frontline to identify and address machine abnormalities. Enabling proactive maintenance to meet operation targets.

Learning System

Ensure Delivery

Enable anyone to discover, test, and implement improvement ideas. Driving ongoing performance enhancements.

Social Ready

Engage Employees

Allow all employees to participate and be recognized for their contributions. Driving higher employee engagement.


Ready to take your performance to the next level.

Make the ROI business case.

  • Flexible SaaS platform and subscription.

  • Proven on-boarding and user adoption success.

  • Access to industry experts and best practices.

  • Exceptional customer reviews on usability and impact.

  • Real-time reporting and insights into performance impact.

Check the IT requirements.

  • Enterprise-grade security and control.

  • Active directory integration.

  • Detailed activity logs.

  • Data backups for your safety.

  • GDPR and International Data Privacy Policies.

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