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Rever Announces Frontline Innovation Platform for the Automotive Industry

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Taps into the creativity of frontline teams to solve problems, and leverages AI to ensure no energy or time is wasted solving the same issue twice


SAN MATEO, Calif., — September 16, 2019 Rever, the leading frontline innovation platform for industrial companies, today announced Rever for Automotive, a version tailored specifically for use by automotive manufacturing frontline employees.  For years, Rever has been the leading innovation platform to execute daily incremental ideas. The Rever for Automotive release now brings a more powerful suite that enables operational leaders to cascade objectives to the shop floor, launch initiatives and challenges, and engage the frontline operators on Quick Actions and 8D, the automotive problem-solving standard. Rever harnesses the collective wisdom of frontline workers to improve manufacturing processes and company performance.

Automotive manufacturers are embracing digital transformation in order to remain competitive in today’s Industry 4.0 era. But digital transformation efforts often stall out because it’s difficult to translate digital strategy into action. 70 percent of change management initiatives typically fail (1). The missing ingredient in these initiatives has been the engagement of frontline employees in daily improvement, solving problems and collaborating to handle simple daily issues. The prevalence of mobile devices now makes it possible to tap into the collective intelligence, memory, and creativity of all employees, especially those closest to the shop floor. Unfortunately, a lot of energy and time is wasted solving problems and issues that have been solved before. This is especially true in high-paced automotive companies with multiple factories and hundreds of thousands of employees.

Rever helps forward-looking automotive executives solve the above. Rever for Automotive provides a completely redesigned mobile app with an intuitive interface that has a two-minute learning curve. This is the result of three years of hands-on use and iteration in harsh industrial environments by thousands of frontline employees. Rever for Automotive provides the workflows to handle anything from simple issues, complex technical problems, or daily improvement ideas. And, it leverages Artificial Intelligence to ensure no energy is wasted solving the same problem twice. Using Rever, companies can:

  • Align on priorities: Cascade objectives to the frontline.
  • Use the right workflow for the right problem: Support a range of needs through multiple workflows including just-do-it issues (Quick Actions), improvement (PDCA), and complex problem solving (8D).
  • Share across sites and teams: Reuse successful solutions as they match new improvement suggestions across the company.
  • Empower to create and experiment: Innovate faster by enabling employees to document, collaborate, evaluate and implement new ideas without diverting efforts from daily work.
  • Engage with recognition and gamification: Drive participation with transparency into the improvement process, accountability for performance and regular celebration of contributions.
  • Automate reporting to track performance: Track real-time insights of the impact of improvement initiatives on company performance and ROI.

“Rever has helped us increase our employee engagement and extend our Industry 4.?0 initiatives to the frontline,” said Rafael Silva, Human Resources Manager, Faurecia, a global leader in automotive technology. “Rever is incredibly simple for everyone to use, and it has review workflows built in to ensure managers can review and validate ideas. We’ve been able to generate and act on more ideas than before, and successfully track the impact on cost savings, quality improvements and safety measures.”

“The shift in the automotive industry is real and present. The good news: you already have all the required ingredients to re-humanize the workforce, tap into their collective memory and intelligence, and to form a frontline network for collaboration, problem-solving and sharing best practices,” said Errette Dunn, CEO of Rever. “Your business lives or dies at the frontline. Your frontline employees already know the answer to most of your problems. Today, there is no excuse to leave their creativity untapped. Rever enables employees to recommend, experiment, and implement solutions to drive innovation and performance, while saving manufacturers massive amounts of time and effort by serving up recommended insights and solutions to avoid wasting time working on problems that may already have been solved in other areas of the company.”

To learn more about how Rever can empower your frontline workforce:

Rever is a frontline workforce empowerment solution for industrial enterprises with large tactical workforces around the globe. With Rever, enterprises are able to build a fully engaged, aligned and empowered frontline workforce to drive continuous improvement from ideation to implementation and impact company performance.  World-class companies such as Faurecia, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Detroit Manufacturing Systems use Rever technology to involve all employees in process improvement.  Rever has offices in San Mateo, California, Guadalajara, Mexico, and Barcelona, Spain. Learn more at .

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