The Pitch: Rever opens a pipeline for employee innovations [Article]

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Want a 30-second read on the power of Rever? We were recently featured in Silicon Valley Business Journal’s The Pitch:

Rever has developed a mobile app that frontline workers can use to capture their ideas, share them with management, test them and implement them. The promise is to help industrial companies unlock innovation by allowing every worker to contribute to their company.

The company says that its app digitizes a continuous improvement strategy that Toyota developed in the 1980s called “kaizen,” which has been adopted by thousands of companies around the world.

Rever said that its growing installed base, currently with 25 large enterprise customers, has generated more than 5,000 ideas from 15,000 frontline employees. It estimates that the suggested improvements resulted in $40 million in savings.

The full write up is available on the Business Journal site, here.


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