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80% of your performance improvement potential lies with the Frontline - the people who do the work are in position to improve the work.

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To help you define what the impact of extending your CI Program to the Frontline can be, use the calculator below. Enter your data, and see the results.

*All Input guidance: Based on Rever sample of auto parts, food & beverage, & heavy machinery customers.

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This is a high-level overview that estimates the expected economic impact of selecting Rever for your Company.

Rever activity analysis for team of300

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# Ideas Implemented per Year
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Don’t forget about the importance and impact of improvements in non-financial areas such as quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. These can have an immense impact on company performance.


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Expect to see performance improvements in Cost Savings, Time Savings, Revenue Gen, Safety Improvements, Cost Avoidance, Quality Improvements

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