Lean Manufacturing Excellence Through Continuous Improvement

Rever is the digital Kaizen platform for industrial companies.
It helps you deliver immediate results while developing a long-term cultural change.

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In an intuitive way and through a simple interface, Rever collects, sorts and spreads all ideas; it manages the process so that improvement proposals don’t remain forgotten in 'repositories of good intentions.'

Leo N'Haux — CEO at Qualtop Group

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If you are the leader of

Lean Manufacturing

Operational Excellence

Continuous Improvement


Six Sigma

Production Productivity

Performance Improvement


And you have this mission

To help your organization deliver the highest-quality products to delighted customers, just in time, with minimal inventories, and in the most cost-effective way, through an engaged workforce

Leverage an army of improvers

You might be facing these obstacles

We enable people to achieve their full creative potential

Build a Continuous Improvement Culture

Being a Lean company requires more than simply "implementing" tools such as Value Stream Maps, SMED, 5S, or A3 reports.

Sustaining Operational Excellence, in the long run, demands improvement to be done every day, everywhere, by everyone.

This concept—known as Kaizen—is the basis of the industrial and managerial practices that evolved into what is known today as Lean Manufacturing: the Toyota Production System.


How Rever Helps

Rever digitizes Kaizen to make it easier to practice and sustain. Our platform makes it simple to participate, execute quickly, spread ideas, and track results.

Kaizen for all

Excellence is not only for the Six Sigma Black Belts. Rever’s intuitive mobile app helps you reach everyone in the Gemba. It allows your frontline employees to own the solutions to the problems they encounter daily.

Empowerment through PDCA

The Rever Cycle guides your frontline employees through the proven Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) method. It removes friction from the process of capturing and executing ideas quickly, instead of just throwing them into an abandoned suggestion box.

Spread and reuse ideas

Why reinvent the wheel across teams and sites? Rever helps your ideas to be automatically rediscovered and implemented precisely when and where they are needed.

Track results effortlessly

What has been the impact of Continuous Improvement efforts in terms of savings, new revenue, productivity, quality, safety, or customer satisfaction? With Rever, you can know at a glance, without having to chase reports.

Change Management for lasting improvement

Our Customer Success team of experienced Lean practitioners works with you to help deliver quick wins while ensuring the long-term adoption by all of the daily improvement habit.


Kaizen for Everyone

With the right mix of technology and training to engage all your frontline employees in daily Kaizen, Rever makes your Lean journey more effective.

“Rever is the perfect tool for Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. The app allows you to have a record of what everyone is doing and to democratize knowledge.”

Manuel Ramirez — Ventures Director at Grupo Bimbo

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Empower your team

Experience proves that the only way to sustain improvement is to never stop improving. So, why not take the first step?

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