Employee Engagement
Through Real Empowerment

Rever is an online platform that helps you engage all your employees
in Continuous Improvement through the daily challenges and opportunities
they face at work.

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With Rever I can express myself without judgment, try without fear, experiment without bureaucracy, and document without complications... Above all, I can impact and generate real value.

Francisco Salinas — Customer Experience Manager at KIO Networks

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If you are responsible for

Employee Engagement

Employee Experience

Employee Motivation

Employee Empowerment

Employee Retention

Employee Recognition


And you have this mission

To help your organization engage and empower all employees to result in top performance and retention of talent...

Engage and empower all employees to result in top performance.

You might be facing these obstacles

Employee engagement becomes merely motivation or happiness.

Skepticism arises from poster campaigns that try to boost morale.

Everybody talks about empowerment, but nobody knows how to operationalize it.

Employee recognition does not follow uniform criteria, generating conflict.

No way to link employee engagement efforts to retention or productivity.

Real, No-Nonsense Empowerment.

Real, No-Nonsense Empowerment to Execute Daily Improvement Ideas

Engagement is really about individuals willing and able to channel all their creative energy to great ideas and great relationships. This directly impacts the performance for your organization.


How Rever Helps

Rever’s online platform empowers all your employees to execute their ideas. It helps you to provide clear challenges and gives everybody the ability, motivation, and recognition to solve problems through autonomous teams.


You can foster and track participation through a targeted campaign to specific teams or the whole organization.

Collaboration and teamwork

Rather than individually submitting ideas, Rever enables and rewards teamwork for solving problems

Coaching system

Everybody gets a coach through the Rever app to help overcome any obstacles.

Autonomy and empowerment

The Rever Cycle provides step-by-step how safely to try out simple experiments and validate ideas.

Recognition and rewards

On Rever’s platform, you can provide your employees with social recognition and simple rewards for taking action on all ideas.

Kaizen for Everyone

Rever pushes innovation and improvement to the frontline, empowering employees from all areas in the company to improve the ways of working on a daily basis.

Dermot O'Connor — Futures Designer Kinit

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