What problem are you trying to solve?


Answering this question is crucial before we can explore any solution. 

Here are some of the most common symptoms we can address within a Continuous Improvement or Ideation initiative:

  • People are submitting complaints rather than proposing solutions;
  • The Idea Evaluation Committee has become the bottleneck;
  • 90% of ideas get rejected, and the rest are stuck in analysis;
  • It takes over six months to implement the few approved suggestions;
  • People are losing trust in the system and no longer participate;
  • The rewards generate more conflict than collaboration;
  • Participants don't feel recognized for their efforts;
  • The same problems and ideas get repeated in different locations;
  • The system has become a burden to manage; 
  • Nobody is happy with the results: neither managers nor employees;

It is common to face the issues above, and the primary cause boils down to this fact: you are using a suggestion box and a centralized evaluation funnel.

You may call it idea management system or innovation management system, but it's a glorified suggestion box all the same.

So, if boxes or funnels are not the way to go, what is?

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