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Universal Translation for the Frontline – It’s not Science Fiction

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For global organizations, language is a big barrier for sharing best practices. Rever breaks this barrier with Rever Translate. Now any frontline worker, or manager, can access best practices from any site around the globe.

A universal translator is a device that provides instant translation from one language to another and common feature in many science fiction films like Star Trek. Today’s technology are not exactly what we saw on Star Trek, but it does allow us to instantaneously translate content inside a software platform from one language to another. 

To be clear, we are not talking about the software’s labels, buttons, and headings. We are talking about the actual content created by the various users. Think about the power of having learnings, ideas, solutions, and instructions seamlessly move from one country’s team to any other team across the globe. This power can completely redefine how collaboration, continuous improvement, and operational excellence are executed.

Universal Translation offers the following benefits.

  • Build a global repository of learnings and best practices by tapping into the experience of all employees round the world
  • Enable, and accelerate, collaboration among individuals and teams across borders
  • Accelerate innovation as information is shared in real-time across the globe
  • Tap the right talent for the right situations by eliminating language barriers.
  • Develop skills across all countries to elevate your employees 

Rever Universal Translator is the latest feature added to the Rever platform to help drive collaboration.


  • Translate any content from the source language to any target language 
  • Collaborate across borders with translated descriptions, instructions, and comments in Revs
  • Share and print translated Revs with anyone around the globe

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