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Webinar Summary: Turn the Great Resignation into your Great Retention

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5 Ways to Win the Talent Battle, and Another 5 to Retain that Talent

While the unpredictability of today’s business environment is playing havoc across the strategy, supply chain, and staffing of all companies, some companies are finding ways to excel.In this webinar we dove into how some companies are winning the battle for talent, and retaining that talent to build more flexible, resilient, and profitable organizations.

Watch here: Turn the Great Resignation into your Great Retention (20min)

Here is the summary. Companies that appeal to frontline talent will have access to a larger talent pool than ever before. Here is what we learned from interviews with some of our customers.


5 Strategies to win the battle for frontline talent

  1. Clear on what great looks like. Define a ‘success profile’ for the role.
  2. Employee Value Proposition to define the unique promise made to employees regarding experiences and benefits
  3. Source locally and non-traditionally. Go beyond the online job boards and work with your community.
  4. Get them in the door quickly by streamlining your process and having a bias for action.
  5. Competitive compensation and benefits. Know what the ‘table stakes’ compensation is and focus on the non-financial benefits.


5 Factors that drive retention of frontline talent

  1. Energize with meaningful work. Know what is meaningful to employees. It may vary widely.
  2. Invest in developing relationships among all, especially managers and workers.
  3. Culture of development to help individuals grow. Consider a mentorship program.
  4. Help employees balance stress and well-being to create a sustainable pace.
  5. Financial and non-financial incentives are important. Recognition and appreciation go a long way.


In order to help determine employee sentiment, we collected the following ten questions below as a reference from Indeed.


 10 Questions to ask on an Employee Sentiment Survey

  1. How would you describe the company culture?
  2. Do you think your work is meaningful and valued?
  3. Do you feel like all of your talents are being used in your position?
  4. Do you get the learning and development opportunities that you want?
  5. Would you apply for your job with us again if you had to to it over again?
  6. Do you get the support and tools you need to do your job well?
  7. Does your manager ask for your feedback and value it when it’s offered?
  8. Do you feel our expectations of you are clear?
  9. How well do you think our company communicates news and important information?
  10. Does your job cause you excessive stress?

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