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10 Learnings of 2020 that Made Us More Resilient

Presented by Errette Dunn

Although 2020 presented us with unprecedented challenges, it also provided us with invaluable lessons for being better leaders, driving operational excellence, and building resilience into our organizations.

Join the discussion to hear how leaders at GSK and Grupo Bimbo have adapted to 2020 from the boardroom to the frontline, from strategic planning to tactical execution, and from delivering production goals to keeping people safe.

Learn how:
1) These two world-class companies navigated 2020 and emerged stronger on the other side;
2) They leveraged technology, people and Operational Excellence techniques to do so;
3) They balanced strategic long-term digital transformation projects with the short-term urgent needs of the business
4) What had changed in all their years leading digital transformation efforts, what is different this time?
5) They balanced the roles of leadership, managers and frontline employees in such transformations

Featuring special guests:
Massimo Mannini has been the Head of Site Digital Program for 30+ years at GSK, a multinational pharmaceutical company who has been helping support with a global response to COVID-19
Angel Vivar, Operations Manager from Grupo Bimbo, a multinational bakery product manufacturing company best known for brands such as Sara Lee, Takis, Artesano, and more!

About the Presenter:

Errette Dunn is the Co-founder and CEO of Rever, the Frontline Operational Excellence platform for industrial companies. Prior to Rever, Errette worked at Toyota and Airbus leading transformation efforts. The last 6 years he has resided in Silicon Valley helping global Enterprises to engage their employees and drive productivity through technology.