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Why Employee Empowerment is the Key to Lean Transformation

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Utilizing lean manufacturing tactics to reduce your business’s waste production could have little to no effect if you don’t consider your employees. The best lean manufacturing companies understand that your workers play a large role in your company’s overall success.

If the frontline is not motivated to improve your products and services’ value, then your business’s improvements will stagnate. Empowering your employees means you’re all working together to make progress rather than just working on getting your next paycheck.

That means that you have to do more than compliment your workers when they accomplish something. You have to foster an environment that encourages trust, communication, and much more.

Constructive Criticism

If your employee makes a mistake, don’t be too harsh on them. Explain to them in detail what they did wrong and what they can do differently. Let them know how each action affects others and different aspects of the company.

Don’t forget to tell them what they did right and praise them for it, so they know what not to change. Give them constructive feedback when they do a good job. That could make your employees feel even more confident in the tasks they complete.

Encourage New Ideas and Feedback

Just as you should give your staff members useful comments on their work, you should be open to receiving tips that could improve particular parts of your business. Each worker has their set duties and roles within your company. As such, they all bring in a different perspective of how they see your establishment.

They could even notice details that you don’t. That’s why, when they provide feedback, you’d be able to use your broader viewpoint to see how it benefits them, other employees, and the company as a whole. Empowering your staff members to share their ideas could shift their mindset and encourage them to find ways to increase efficiency.

Give Some of Your Tasks to Your Employees

This action isn’t about taking a lot of the weight of your work off your shoulders and putting them on your workers, though that could be a positive consequence. It’s about entrusting your employees with significant tasks. They could learn new skills and even take over while you’re gone. Empowering them with these responsibilities can help improve their dependence on each other.

They’ll boost their communication and increase overall productivity. This tactic is one of many employee engagement activities that empower your staff members.

Leave Workers to Their Tasks

Everyone has their way of doing things, which is why you shouldn’t micromanage your employees. Let them do their jobs in using tactics they prefer. As long as they understand what the outcome should be, you shouldn’t need to intervene with their work.

Employees are more likely to value their effort and have a sense of accountability if you give them this freedom. As such, they’ll pay attention to the intricate details that go into completing their tasks. Your staff members will be encouraged to practice kaizen, which is the idea of continuous or micro improvement.

Share Your Vision of the Company with Your Employees

Employees will feel more empowered to do their work when they know they’re helping you build your business. They’ll see that they’re a part of something significant rather than feel like a replaceable drone.

You can explain to your frontline how each of their tasks and roles contribute to your vision. Sharing such a vital piece of information will tell them that you appreciate all of the work they do. Your employees will feel like they’re making a difference. Making them aware that the company values the hours they put into their jobs will empower them to build this business further.

Praise Hard Work

When someone is mostly doing their job for the money, they might not feel motivated to work hard. That’s because if someone puts a lot of effort one day and then lessens their performance the next, they’ll still get paid the same with the equivalent amount of hours. Recognizing their hard work can help change their mind about that. Your employees will feel encouraged to continue putting forth that amount of effort. They might even want to improve their work ethic further. A little bit of gratitude can go a long way.

Set Boundaries

One way employees can feel more comfortable completing their tasks is if you make your expectations apparent. That means you’re creating a sandbox where they have freedom but are still aware of the limitations. Giving them boundaries can also provide you with peace of mind knowing that their strategies won’t lead to detrimental consequences to your business. You can set these limitations by telling them about the company’s goals. That will allow your staff members to make decisions that align with those objectives. They’ll feel more confident in planning and arrangement and become more efficient with their work.

Your employees aren’t replaceable cogs in a machine; they’re unique individuals with their particular set of talents and skills. By empowering them, you’re giving them the chance to challenge themselves and maybe even unlock their potential. You should consider all parts of your company to have a successful lean transformation. That can apply to any strategy that results in a significant shift to your overall business strategy. Your employees are a part of your team, meaning you should focus on growing stronger together. Empowering your workers and using a solution like Rever, will help you improve your business in new and unthinkable ways.

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