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Ángel Vivar - Grupo Bimbo
Grupo Bimbo
Global Platform

“Adopting Rever as a global platform has allowed us to transform the many innovative ideas into reality, as well as address issues much faster and right at the source. Rever is becoming a tool that strengthens daily our culture of continuous improvement in Grupo Bimbo."

Ángel Vivar - Operations Global Director
Driving Action

"Rever makes it easy to get everyone involved and for us to keep a real-time visibility on the activities with the dashboards. Rever routines allow us to detect issues at the frontline and solve them easy and in a timely manner."

Javier Manuel Bahena, Sr. Continuous Improvement Supervisor
Ability to Take Action

"GSK selected Rever to align and accelerate frontline innovation programs across it's thousands of team members across the world. Rever is the central platform that gives the frontline teams the ability to take action, while providing leadership visibility into the activity and impact of programs."

Operational Excellence Leader
Antonio Barbosa - GrandVision
Speed of Execution

"The biggest benefit is that when we find situations that are out of standard, we are quick to address them. We assign the findings to the right people, set a timeline, and get it done. In addition to speed to execution, we also have a way to easily document the discovery and resolution of safety, or other critical situation for our records."

Antonio Barbosa, Continuous Improvement Coordinator & Regional Fulfilment
Act on Just-Do-Its

“After starting with a limited team focused on cost savings, we saw how easily anyone can leverage Rever to document and take action on their ideas, or just-do-its that come up in all areas of the organization."

Global Operational Excellence Leader
Jorge Montero - Sigma Alimentos
Sigma Alimentos
Scale Best Practices

“One of the main goals with Sigma is to work as a One Single Company. This means that all of our sites can share best practices and lessons learned. Rever helps us to scale and replicate best practices, while impacting the culture positively."

Jorge Montero, Quality Research Center Manager
Standard Operations

"With Rever our Maintenance team can proactively find and solve risks before they become line-stopping issues. Through better collaboration with Assembly, Quality and Engineering we find the root-cause of problems and ensure those issues never recur."

Maintenance Leader - Volkswagen
Mauricio Espinosa - MARS
Strong Partner

“Rever has been much more than a supplier; but has been an ally, accompanying our plants every step of the way. We are seeing improvements in participation, quality, safety, and efficiency.”

Mauricio Espinosa - Operations Director
Mary Gatlin - Unicarriers
Solve Problems

“What is so powerful for our team is, it is so easy to get lost in the analytics of trying to make a decision, but here we go straight to the experiment part. That speaks volumes to being able to get our frontline to help us solve some of our most challenging problems that impact our customer experience.”

Mary Gatlin, Senior Manager
Francesc Esteve - Global Steel Wire
Global Steel Wire
Empower People

"We have always talked about quality being everyone's responsibility. With Rever we are finally able to empower all our associates to report and address quality issues quickly. Rever also lets us track defects for analysis of trends and root causes."

Francesc Esteve - Operations Director
Reshma Angl - Lear Corporation
Lear Corporation
Faster Follow-up

“Before Rever we had our associates and customers sending quality issues back and forth via WhatsApp and text messages. Rever allowed us to organize this information for faster follow-up, better analysis, and improved feedback to customers."

Reshma Angl, Sr. Quality Manager
Carvin Rudolph - DMS
Better Processes

“Rever assists us in joining and creating better assembly processes and creating a better working environment for our DMS family.“

Carvin Rudolph, UAP Manager
Wanda Cartrette - Boston Family
Boston Family
Align Associates

“Rever helps us digitize the capture and management of all the great ideas our associates come up with throughout their daily work. Rever has made it easy to align our associates across our office, warehouse, distribution, and retail areas."

Wanda Cartrette, VP of Continuous Improvement and Learning & Development
Ciaran Crosbie - Alexion
Empower to Act

“The COVID pandemic forced us to take a close look at all parts of our operations. We saw an opportunity to improve our operational excellence program by empowering the frontline to capture and take action, Rever was the platform to make that happen for us."

Ciaran Crosbie - Innovation Manager
Jose Luis Rivero - BASF
Amplify Innovation

“We recognize that talent at our frontline has the ability to drive and improve our operational performance. Rever has allowed us to amplify the impact our frontline associates have on our quality, efficiency, and sharing learnings across teams."

Jose Luis Rivero - Site Controller & Operational Excellence
Ricardo Yeomans - Bohn
People Participate

"We have been reducing the implementation time of Ideas through Rever, our people are participating directly in the continuous improvement doing Kaizen everyday. We have been changing the Continuous Improvement culture and now is present in all levels of organization. Rever team has been a very important partner in this journey"

Ricardo Yeomans, Operations Director