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Activate your Frontline Teams
with the Power to Take Action

Rever’s SaaS platform lets you align, empower, and recognize your frontline teams
to drive continuous improvement and operational performance.

Kaizen for Everyone
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Annual Savings with Rever:
$1.4M in 2 Auto Plants
$825K in 1 Processing Plant

It’s about much more than cost savings. Activating Rever taps into the creativity and intelligence of the frontline’s human capital.

  1. Safety: Make it everyone’s responsibility.
  2. Quality: Identify and address issues at the source.
  3. Delivery: Keep a constant eye on avoiding slowdowns.
  4. People: Drive employee engagement across teams.

Elevate operational performance across your organization. Start today, your frontline is waiting.

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80% of Improvement Ideas come from the Frontline.

Empower to Take Action

  • Quick Action to fix acute issues
  • Continuous Improvement – PDCA
  • Problem Solving – DMAIC
  • Structured process & approvals
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75% of US workforce is 'Actively Disengaged or Discontent'.

Connect to Collaborate

  • Assign the right people to collaborate
  • Share learnings across the company
  • Gamification to recognize and reward
  • Campaigns to align everyone

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Tech and Millennials have Redefined the Workplace.

Enterprise Platform and Data Insights

  • Dashboards deliver real-time insights
  • Reports for program management
  • SaaS provides access anytime, anywhere
  • Enterprise-grade security and scalability
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Let's get started.

Today can be the day you start engaging the untapped potential of your frontline with Rever’s SaaS platform.