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The Connected Worker Platform
that Drives Frontline Excellence

Rever is an easy-to-use app that helps you expose hidden losses, activate
the right people to solve them, and amplify the impact across your organization.

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$1.4M in 2 Auto Plants
$825K in 1 Processing Plant
$2M in 1 Pharma Plant

Proven impact across the globe at hundreds of sites, from thousands of frontline employees, managers and supervisors activities.

But it’s about more than just cost savings.
Activate the untapped potential of your teams.

Safety becomes everyone’s responsibility.
Quality issues are identified and address at the source.
Maintenance is proactive and minimizes slowdowns.
Employee engagement increases across entire teams.

Start today. Your team is waiting.

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Maintain operational standards is everyone's responsibility

Expose Losses and Anomalies at the Source

  • Standardize audits, checks, inspections, and more.
  • Collect anomalies, issues, and ideas from the frontline.
  • Transform findings into action at the source.
  • Drive continuous improvement at the frontline
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Activate individuals to address issues at the source.

Connect and Activate the Frontline

  • Collaborate and share across your organization
  • Assign the right people with the right skills
  • Guided PDCA, Just-Do-It, DMAIC workflows
  • Universal translation eliminates language barriers

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Better information results in Smarter decisions and faster execution.

Actionable Insights for Everyone

  • Transform local learnings into global standards
  • Real-time dashboards for everyone
  • AI-driven suggestions and learnings
  • Integrations with Open APIs and Webhooks
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Today can be the day you start engaging the untapped potential of your frontline with Rever’s SaaS platform.