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Harness the Frontline’s untapped power. Build a thriving company.

Rever is a Frontline Management platform that allows you to unlock the potential of your frontline to improve productivity, accelerate innovation, cut costs, and engage employees.

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Engage an army of improvers.

Free your people from suggestion boxes. Decentralize your Continous Improvement process, empower your teams to experiment, and implement ideas in no time.

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Leverage an army of improvers
Empower action and collaboration at the frontline.

Empower action and collaboration at the frontline.

Enable your teams to share best practices across multiple departments and locations, with no need to reinvent the wheel.

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Energize your frontline toward common goals.

Align your employee’s energy, effort, and creativity to the most important company objectives by communicating goals, incentivizing activities, and recognizing impact.

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Energize your frontline

Unleash the hidden value of your people.

Being an easy-to-use, secure and cloud based platform, you can focus on what really matters.

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Continuous Improvement Software For Incremental Wins

Are you responsible for implementing a continuous improvement process in your business but unsure where to start? Perhaps you’ve heard phrases like ‘value stream mapping’, ‘Kaizen event’, or ‘Gemba walk’ but don’t know how they apply to your company. Or you’ve identified improvement opportunities yet feel stuck without a clear path to implementation. If this is the case, then continuous improvement software like Rever can help.

Businesses with continual improvement cultures tend to be more productive, profitable, and safe for employees. They have management systems that encourage ideas from every member of staff, whether they work in customer service or equipment maintenance. This fosters knowledge sharing between business units and ensures they never miss a revenue opportunity. Using software to manage the process means every step is streamlined and digitized.

Rever supports you at every stage of continuous improvement, from analyzing the root cause of issues to measuring the impact of your efforts. It reduces the administrative tasks that are typically associated with improvement management. Employees can input ideas directly into the software so that you capture more opportunities for improving and innovating. Teams can develop solutions and create action plans within it so that the entire process is managed centrally.

Kaizen will help your business to gradually change and improve on a consistent basis. As ideas are implemented and the benefits filter through, employees will become more engaged. They will see that their suggestions are being heard and acted upon, demonstrating that they are valued. This will motivate them to engage in knowledge sharing and implement more improvements. Over time, this will lead to a culture of continuous improvement within the company that gives it a unique and powerful competitive advantage.

Using continuous improvement software makes the entire process simple and hassle-free. All the valuable ideas, root cause analysis notes, and action plans are stored in a single location. This makes it one of the most impactful management systems for overseeing continuous improvement processes. It’s built around one of the key features of Kaizen – the plan, do, check, act (PDCA) framework. This gives your team members a step-by-step guide to innovation management and implementation. Whether you want to increase productivity, improve quality management, or enjoy cost-savings, Rever can help. Interested in learning more or implementing your own management process? Then request a demo with one of our friendly team.

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