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What if everyone worked together to improve your operations?

Rever is an easy-to-use app that helps your employees collaborate to
identify issues, solve problems, and improve existing processes at the source.

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Annual Savings with Rever:
$1.4M in 2 Auto Plants
$825K in 1 Processing Plant

It’s about much more than cost savings. Activating Rever taps into the creativity and intelligence of the frontline’s human capital.

  1. Safety: Make it everyone’s responsibility.
  2. Quality: Identify and address issues at the source.
  3. Delivery: Keep a constant eye on avoiding slowdowns.
  4. People: Drive employee engagement across teams.

Elevate operational performance across your organization. Start today, your frontline is waiting.

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80% of Improvement Ideas come from the Frontline.

Empower to Take Action

  • Quick Action to fix acute issues
  • Continuous Improvement – PDCA
  • Problem Solving – DMAIC methodology
  • Required process & approvals
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75% of US workforce is 'Actively Disengaged or Discontent'.

Connect to Collaborate

  • Assign the right people to collaborate
  • Share learnings across the company
  • Gamification to recognize and reward
  • Campaigns to align everyone

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Tech and Millennials have Redefined the Workplace.

Enterprise Platform and Data Insights

  • Dashboards deliver real-time insights
  • Reports for program management
  • SaaS provides access anytime, anywhere
  • Enterprise-grade security and scalability
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Let's get started.

Today can be the day you start engaging the untapped potential of your frontline with Rever’s SaaS platform.