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Frontline Technology
that activates your team to
Elevate Operational Performance.

You can do better than post-it notes and spreadsheets
to activate the untapped potential of your Frontline.

Kaizen for Everyone
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Your business lives or dies on the Frontline.

- Create a safer and healthier workplace.
- Deliver the highest quality products and services possible.
- Meet customer expectations by on-time delivery.
- Innovate to deliver cost-effective products.
- Inspire employees to contribute their best.

80% of Improvement Ideas come from the Frontline.

EMPOWER to discover, experiment, and implement ideas.

  • Guided Workflows for Continuous Improvement, Quick Action, and Problem Solving
  • Experiment and Record the Impact of Ideas, Fixes, and new Solutions
  • Approvals and Accountability Rules Allow Everyone to Act (in a controlled process)

75% of the American workforce is 'Actively Disengaged or Discontent'.

CONNECT through collaboration and sharing best practices.

  • Virtual Teams bring together the Right People and Skills across the Company
  • Share Ideas and Solutions instead of Reinventing the Wheel
  • Recognize and Reward Individuals to Encourage Participation and Engagement

Technology and Millennials have Redefined Today's Workplace.

DRIVE alignment in energy, effort, and creativity.

  • Access via Mobile/PC for Everyone, Everywhere, and Anytime
  • Align on Objectives and Run Campaigns to Focus your Teams
  • Real-time Insights and Dashboards allow you to Measure What Matters


It's time to unlock your competitive advantage.

Rever's SaaS platform can be activated, implemented, and running in less time than it takes to do another workshop training session.

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