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Hosted By Errette Dunn Errette Dunn is Rever’s Co-founder and CEO. For the last decade, he has helped teams and companies in 17 countries become more accomplished, by developing a culture of non-stop improvement. Errette learned about Lean and Kaizen at the source: during his work at Toyota Motor Company.

Lean Frontline Highlights: Nate Barber

Episode 1: Taking a Decentralized Approach

Episode 2: Driving Employee Participation

Episode 3: Increasing Percentage of Ideas Implemented

Episode 4: Importance of Leadership Involvement

Episode 5: Fostering Collaboration

Episode 6: Recognizing and Rewarding Employee

Episode 7 Improving Idea Submission Cadence

Episode 8: Tracking Impact of Improvement Ideas

Episode 9: Sharing Best Practices Across Organization

Episode 10: Leveraging Organization Standards

Episode 11: Aligning on Company Objectives

Episode 12: Providing Training to Employees