Idea Management: Drive Frontline Innovation Through Daily Ideas

Rever is the mobile Idea Management system for your frontline employees.
It allows you to achieve breakthrough results through daily simple ideas.

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Rever is a platform that enables, in a very friendly way, the common people in a company to be part of the innovation community. In PMI, Rever has been an extremely successful project that allowed us to create a new asset: the asset of people innovating.

Ricardo Cordova — Director of Operations Philip Morris International Mexico


If you are in charge of

Frontline Innovation

Open Innovation

Idea Management Systems

Innovation Management Systems

Suggestion Systems

Improvement Ideas



And you have this mission

To help your organization innovate by fostering the participation of all employees by submitting ideas...

Fostering the participation of all employees by submitting ideas.

You might be facing these obstacles

People are submitting complaints rather than proposing solutions.

The Idea Evaluation Committee has become the bottleneck.

90% of ideas get rejected, and the rest are stuck in the analysis.

It takes over six months to implement the very few approved suggestions.

People are losing trust in the system and no longer participate.

The rewards generate more conflict than collaboration.

Participants do not feel recognized for their efforts.

The same ideas get repeated in different locations.

The system has become a burden to manage.

Nobody is happy with the results: neither managers nor employees.

Frontline Innovation Through Simple Daily Ideas.

Frontline Innovation Through Simple Daily Ideas

Frontline employees build your products, deliver your services, and interact directly with your customers. Therefore, they naturally understand existing problems and are the best source of ideas to solve them. Are you leaving up to 90% of your organization out of your innovation efforts?

Rever helps to build a culture of experimentation and execution of daily incremental improvements. This brings breakthrough results through the accumulation of small gains, and it also fosters the creation and execution of larger innovations.


How Rever Helps

Rever’s mobile Idea Management app makes it easy to engage all your employees in daily experimentation. Our platform makes it easy to validate ideas quickly and collaborate in open and decentralized innovation.

All your frontline deskless employees, instead of just your staff in offices

Our app is so easy to use that no one is left out of your ideation initiative.

Many small and quick ideas, instead of few and infrequent projects

Rever is optimized to quickly capture and act upon even the simplest ideas. There is no idea too small, and most get executed in only a few days.

Experiments, instead of just suggestions

Trying is cheaper than analyzing. Rever guides your employees on a step-by-step experimentation process with the Rever Cycle.

Frequent and simple recognition, instead of arbitrary rewards

Automate the recognition system to avoid the perception of unfairness by a centralized committee.

Easy tracking of impact, instead of chasing reports

Automatically visualize and share the results of your idea suggestion system.

Kaizen for Everyone

In an intuitive way and through a simple interface, Rever collects, sorts and spreads all ideas; it manages the process so that improvement proposals don’t remain forgotten in 'repositories of good intentions.'

Leo N'Haux — CEO at Qualtop Group

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Empower your team

What You Need to Know about Rever

Idea Management Software

Rever software can turn your innovation programs into reality. If your business strives to continuously improve but struggles with ideation or implementation, then it can help. It the perfect management solution for collecting ideas and capturing outcomes from a brainstorming session. The software provides you with the structure and visibility to evaluate and select the best ideas for implementation.

Using management software like Rever can fuel your innovation pipeline with valuable ideas that impact your bottom line. You can collate customers ideas, employees ideas, suggestions for product development or marketing planning. It can be used by stakeholders both internally and externally to drive innovation and collaboration in your business. Innovation management software effectively crowdsources ideas instead of having to invest in expensive market research.

But Rever innovation software doesn’t just collect suggestions – it’s far more powerful. It supports the entire process of managing ideas from concept to execution. It features collaboration tools, task management capabilities, and features to assist with idea ranking. The planning software can help you sort and evaluate ideas so that you’re able to prioritize those with the most potential. Because it’s cloud-based, your teams can do this from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Why Our Idea Management Process Works

This process is all about capturing ideas, evaluating the most effective options, and then taking meaningful action. It can transform your business into an innovation leader by facilitating idea campaigns that solve customer problems. This approach can build a culture of innovation that harnesses the collective intelligence of your staff and customers.

One of the key features of idea management is that it can engage employees who don’t feel valued. It gives them a channel to provide structured feedback and solutions to senior staff, like a suggestion box for the digital age. By giving them an idea submission portal, staff feel that they are being listened to and appreciated. Over time, they see the company transform ideas into action which shows that they are valued. As well as boosting employee engagement, this can drive innovation, deliver cost savings, and improve the customer experience.

Idea and innovation management is especially important for companies that develop new products. In order to stay ahead of your competition, it’s crucial to continually invent and execute at a fast pace. But this isn’t easy and innovation challenges have been the downfall of many large businesses. Having a structured process to gather ideas is one way of increasing the frequency and creativity of ideation.

Product management platforms are usually concerned with project planning. They’re designed to create product roadmaps that take a concept from idea to launch. But they aren’t helpful if you don’t have a product idea in the first place. Idea management tools enable you to capture customer feedback, business challenges, and employee suggestions in one place. This type of crowdsourced innovation helps you create a solution designed to meet real-world needs. By solving tangible problems, you can deliver more value to the end-user.

Rever’s Idea Management Solution

At Rever, we believe that anybody can be a knowledge worker, contribute to the organization’s success and thrive in their work through their contribution. What makes us human is the capacity to grow our intellect and will, and to use them for good. We observe, especially at work, that most people are asked to stop thinking and do as they are told. We want to change that. We enable people to achieve their full creative potential.

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