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Activate the untapped power of your frontline.

Rever's Connected Worker Platform is built to ignite your Frontline to expose losses, take action to improve, and amplify those gains across your organization.

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Frontline Excellence drives Operational Performance

Rever is built to engage the frontline anytime, anywhere, to elevate operational excellence, while improving SQCDP (safely, quality, cost, delivery, people) and building the resilience required for the future.

Expose hidden losses in your daily operations

  • Routines: Standard checklists run at regular intervals. Capture and complete resulting tasks.
  • Campaigns: Turn company objectives into frontline activity with targeted initiatives.
  • Anytime, Anywhere: Create an army of problem solvers across all areas of your organization.

Activate and connect the right people to solve them

  • Collaboration: Match the right skills to the where they’re needed for real-time virtual teamwork.
  • Workflows: Guided flows to provide easy PDCA, Quick Action, and DMAIC standards to everyone.
  • Gamification: Align and motivate associates by tracking and recognizing their contributions.

Amplify the impact with actionable insights

  • Insights: Real-time dashboards that tell you the score, and what actions to take to to improve it.
  • Impact: Capture, validate, and consolidate savings for all your fixes and improvement, big or small.
  • Promotion: Turn local improvements and learnings into global best practices with the power of AI.

Rever in Action

Driving Frontline Excellence by activating the frontline

  • Everyone has access to mobile devices for logging Revs
  • Regular recognition of individuals driving issues and ideas to resolution
  • Central repository of learnings and best practices
Grupo Bimbo, GSK, Mars, BASF, GrandVision, Hyundai, ...

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