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Continuous improvement
from the frontline

Rever lets everyone fix issues, innovate, and solve problems. Drive a continuous improvement culture to elevate operational excellence.

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Rever: Continuous Improvement

An army of Innovators and Problem Solvers

"Rever has made it easy for everyone to get involved. Associates are actively coming up with ideas that they address through experimenting and implementing solutions. It has completely changed our culture."

Innovate to Improve

  • Guided innovation (PDCA) workflow
  • Approval to ensure proper authorization
  • Collaboration across teams to implement ideas
Innovate to Improve
Fix Issues

Fix Issues

  • Guided Quick Action workflow
  • Guided DMAIC Problem Solving for deep-dive root-cause analysis
  • Virtual Teams to collaborate and share across your organization

Execute CI and OpEx Programs

  • Launch campaigns to align and mobilize everyone
  • Collaborate across teams to build momentum
  • Recognize teams and individuals using gamification and real-time reports
Execute CI and OpEx Programs

Rever in Action

Driving Frontline Excellence by activating the frontline

  • Bringing your CI program to life with daily participation
  • Consistent evaluation and experiments on new ideas via PDCA
  • Reporting measurable program impact to leadership team
Grupo Bimbo, GSK, Mars, BASF, GrandVision, Hyundai, ...

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