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Build a unified, integrated frontline ecosystem

Ensure data flows across your systems, without losing context, to deliver the actionable information needed by your teams.

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Connect your frontline
systems and people

"It's just not enough anymore to operate in isolation. I need the information to flow across the frontline to other systems and teams. Rever's standard integration technology makes that easy."

Connect People and Information

  • Update ERP, MES, and Finance systems with frontline data
  • Create a more complete picture by combining IoT and people information
  • Notify via MSFT Teams, Slack, other systems

Faster and Better Decisions

  • Combine frontline people & systems data
  • Real-time information and insights
  • Avoid manual entry and rework that results in errors

Leverage Open Standards

  • Open APIs provide standardization and flexibility
  • Pre-configured Webhooks make it easy
  • Enterprise-grade SaaS Platform

Rever in Action

Driving Frontline Excellence by connecting systems and people across your frontline

  • Expand communications with Teams & Slack
  • Transform standard work suggestions to implemented improvements
  • Send frontline data to your BI Dashboard
Grupo Bimbo, GSK, Mars, BASF, GrandVision, Hyundai, ...

Let's get started.

Today can be the day you start engaging the untapped potential of your frontline with Rever’s SaaS platform.