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Maintenance Management

Operational Maintenance at the Frontline to identify and address machine abnormalities

Routines and Checklists
Rever Arrows

Control and Accountability for Operators

"Rever allows everyone to immediately report and address an outage, defect, or blockage. Because all the information is captured and centralized, we can see patterns and dig into root causes of issues."
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Autonomous Maintenance

Drive prevention and OEE at the frontline.

  • Schedule, assign, and standardize checks
  • Ensure any issues, abnormalities are resolved
  • Report on activity, performance, and trends

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Issue Avoidance

Get on the shop floor to fix and improve.

  • Consistent scope of checks across teams
  • Elimination of manual work
  • Faster follow-up on findings

Visit Rever’s Use Case Library to learn more.

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