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Expose hidden losses in your daily operations.

Learn more about how Rever can help you in your connected worker initative.

Rever is an easy-to-use app that helps you expose hidden losses, activate the right people to solve them, and amplify the impact across your organization.

Uncover Issues and Ideas

Enable everyone, everywhere to improve.

  • Increase in idea quantity and quality
  • Faster execution without bottlenecks
  • No manual work and reporting
Challenges: Drive people into action
Innovate to Improve

Collaborate with Customers

Communicate on issue and status with customers.

  • Audit trail with customer on issue
  • Minimizing the customer return rate
  • Decreasing corrective action requests (CAR)

Trending and Analysis

Real-time view into reported issues.

  • Control return material authorizations (RMAs)
  • Minimize number of defects per batch
  • Eliminate manual entry and reporting
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