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Quality Management

Quality Management at the Frontline to allow everyone to identify, track, and resolve quality abnormalities

Routines and Checklists
Rever Arrows

Make Everyone Accountable for Quality

"We have always talked about quality being everyone's responsibility. With Rever we are finally able to empower all our associates to report and address quality issues quickly. Rever also lets us track defects for analysis of trends and root causes."
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Product Inspection

Capture quality issues at the source.

  • Standard capture of results and issues
  • Faster resolution of issues
  • Automate reporting and trending

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Quality Audit

Complete and consistent inspections.

  • Documentation of issues at the source
  • Reporting of issues and corrective actions
  • Minimize manual entry and errors

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Compliance Problem Solving

Consistent DMAIC analysis and resolution.

  • Minimize recurrence of issues
  • Faster resolution with virtual teams
  • Eliminate manual work and reporting

Visit Rever’s Use Case Library to learn more.

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