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Operations and Production

Standardize Operational Routines at the Frontline to expose issues and improve performance

Routines and Checklists
Rever Arrows

Consistent and Timely Execution

"The biggest benefit is that when we find situations that are out of standard, we are quick to address them. We assign the findings to the right people, set a timeline, and get it done. In addition to speed to execution, we also have a way to easily document the discovery and resolution of safety, or other critical situation for our records."
Grupo Bimbo GSK Mars BASF GrandVision Hyundai Bridgestone Sigma Alimentos

Supervisor Standard Work

Ensure standards followed and maintained.

  • Consistent, timely execution
  • Simple checklists to follow
  • Ensure resolution on findings and issues

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Performance Management

Everyone makes sure production keeps running.

  • Faster issue identification and resolution
  • Maximizing on-time delivery
  • Identify trends and avoid future issues

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Daily Checks

Everyone, everywhere making sure operations are running.

  • Standard scope and responsibilities
  • Faster follow-up on findings and issues
  • Easy tracking and reporting

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