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Gemba Walk
Consistent process executing a Gemba Walk with a standard process for identifying, logging, and addressing findings.
Today's Challenges

Managers perform periodic Gemba Walks but lack a consistent process to identify, register, and track their findings. Everyone has their own style. 

  • There is not a consistent way to identify who has completed a Gemba Walk
  • Lack of visibility into the observations and findings of the Gemba Walks that have been done 
  • There is not a consistent way to track the findings detected in the Gemba Walk, could be in email, on paper, on a white board, etc.


Rever Benefits

Consistent process executing a Gemba Walk with a standard process for identifying, logging, and addressing findings. 

  • Consistent way to execute a Gemba Walk and share the observations and findings with everyone
  • Full visibility at all levels about the completion rate of findings 
  • Drive organizational learning by sharing the solutions and best practices across teams
  • Recognition of those consistently executing Gemba Walks and driving operational excellence
Prepare & Publish the Routine

Create the Gemba routine and the specific routine of the day in Rever. Define the teams and individuals that will do the Gemba Walk. Key information - Name (e.g. Gemba in Mounting week 28) - Area - Assignees - Frequency
Execute the Routine & Capture Findings

Assignees execute the Gemba Walk and capture their findings. Findings may range from observations, to issues or improvement ideas. Key information - Finding Description - Due date - Picture - Assignee
Follow up on Findings

Employees address Findings individually or in collaboration with colleagues. Managers maintain visibility into Findings, help drive execution, and track progress.
Share & Report

Visibility into activity, execution, and the impact on operational performance. Share the learning across the organization. Provide reports and insight to leadership teams.
Consumer Goods Manufacturing
Establish Gemba Walk for Wood Cutting Area
Establish the specific areas of interest and focus for the Gemba Walk. Define the frequency of the Gemba Walks and complete an initial training of the supervisors.

Launch Routine and Capture Findings
Supervisors take regular Gemba Walks in the defined area to meet with operators, make observations, and log findings. Findings may be assigned to a specific operator or other team members.

Track Results and Impact
Execution of findings is tracked and the savings or other impact on performance documented. Reports in Gemba Walk activity and results are reviewed regularly across the company.