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Use Case Library

Over the years, our costumers have continued to activate their frontline in new ways by applying Rever to tackle Operational Excellence challenges. See below a list of some of the most common examples and explore how you may apply these to your operations.

Elevating Operations

Uncover and address quality at the source.
Quality (Supply Chain)
Collaborate with suppliers and customers.
Lean Safety
Find and rectify safety issues at the source.
Behavior Based Safety
Empower everyone to drive operational safety.
Log and address anomalies at the source.
Customer Care
Provide better information and service.
Operational Routines
Consistent, timely, and complete execution.
Field Services
Capture and resolve issues in the field.
Warehouse Logistics
Empower everyone to streamline processes.
Delivery Logistics
Drivers resolve issues and innovate.

Building Culture

Employee Engagement
Empower and recognize everyone.
Company Initiatives
Drive campaigns to activate everyone.
Continuous Improvement
Enable everyone, everywhere to improve.
Problem Solving
Consistent root-cause analysis and resolution.

Driving Governance

IoT Detected Issues
Transform alerts into actions.
Reg/Gov Compliance
Uncover and address issues at the source.