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Idea Management

Rever enables anyone to discover, test, and implement new ideas. Drive a continuous improvement culture in your daily processes to impact the KPIs such as SQCDP (Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, People)

Powering mission-critical apps for the world's best companies

Today's Challenges

Lack of a digital, standardized process and platform

  • Only a few experts contribute

  • Low participation and implementation rates

  • Not sharing learnings across the organization

Rever Benefits

Activating the untapped power of the frontline

  • Everyone, everywhere, anytime can participate

  • Action-oriented and collaborative to implement ideas

  • Share best practice and improvements broadly
Continuous Improvement
Complete Guide to Continual Improvement
Resource for learning and coaching
PDCA Cycle
Understanding PDCA principles
How and when to use PDCA


  • Capture an Improvement Idea via PDCA
  • Experiment & Implement the Improvement Idea
  • Automate Reporting and Insights
  • Collaborate

Create an Improvement Idea for any action that could improve operational performance in such areas as Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, and People.

Key actions: 

  • Create the Improvement Idea.
  • Assign the Collaborators and a Coach.
  • Describe the problem, or opportunity, and the idea to address it.

It’s important that you can test if your idea will work in the way you anticipate, Run an experiment, prototype, or test to verify if the idea works.

Key actions: 

  • Run the experiment
  • Verify if it works. In case it didn’t work, that’s OK too! You can leave your idea as learning for others.
  • If the experiment was successful, you can implement it.
  • Capture the financial impact, or time savings, for track the savings.

Go to Insights to track the activity and performance impact of your idea management program.

Key actions: 

  • Select the Improvement Idea report to see the performance on ideas in progress, and completed.
  • You can see specific charts and insights about the impact of created and completed ideas.
  • Download an Excel export to further analyze the data.

Directory: Look for the people you would like to add as collaborators based on their job position, skills, and location.

Share: Admins and collaborators can share their Improvement Ideas with anyone in the company.

Mentions: Mention others via @name to send a specific comments and instructions.

Attachments: Add supporting documents using the attachments feature.

Categories: Organize your Ideas based on different categories such as: Cost, Quality Safety, Customer Service, Efficiency, and more.

Validations: Admins or Coaches can validate the implementation status and financial impact of ideas.

Other Use Cases