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Kaizen Events

Create targeted campaigns and initiatives to focus teams and resources on specific challenges or problems. Drive collaboration across individuals and teams to make the most of your Kaizen Events.

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Today's Challenges

Lack of a digital, standardized process and platform

  • Lack of priority alignment across teams

  • Manual work makes it hard to collaborate and share learnings

  • Lack of visibility into progress and top contributors

Rever Benefits

Activating the untapped power of the frontline

  • Unified focus and priority across teams

  • Easy to collaborate across team and locations

  • Share progress and solutions across organization
Defining a Problem
Identifying a problem for a Kaizen Event
Only a well defined Problem can be Solved
Taking Action to Solve Problems
Create and follow the DMAIC process
Standard template to share


  • Create and Launch a Challenge for your Kaizen Event
  • Capture Revs during the Kaizen Event
  • Automate Reporting and Insights
  • Collaborate

Create a Challenge with the name of your planned Kaizen Event. The Challenge will help you capture and organize proposed ideas, issues, and problems.

Key actions: 

  • -Create the Challenge and launch it to the department participating in the Kaizen Event.

During the Kaizen Event, participants can capture their ideas, issues, and problems using the appropriate Rev (Improvement Idea, Quick Actions, Problem Solving)

Key actions: 

  • Create as many Revs as needed to have a meaningful Kaizen Event, meet your goal, or address the root cause of the event.  
  • Assign each Rev to the Challenge

Go to Insights and track the activity and performance impact associated with the Challenges

Key actions: 

  • Select the Challenge Report to see the summary information for the Challenge.
  • Select the Overview to see all the Revs and their assigned Challenge. 
  • Download an Excel export to further analyze the data.

Filter: Filter by department to see which already have an active Challenge.

Share: Admins and collaborators can share their Improvement Ideas with anyone in the company.

Mentions: Mention others via @name to send a specific comments and instructions.

Attachments: Add supporting documents using the attachments feature.

Categories: Organize your Challenges based on different categories such as: Cost, Quality Safety, Customer Service, Efficiency, and more.

Other Use Cases