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Data science to amplify performance improvements

Real-time dashboards, data science, and machine learning provide visibility into performance, and specific recommended actions.

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Rever tells you the score, and how to improve it

"Visibility is just the start. We need insights we can act on. Rever provides insights, AI-driven recommendations, and suggests existing learnings in real time."

Intelligent Dashboards

  • Insights into your operational activity and performance impacts
  • Prescriptive Activities based on current operational trends
  • Personalized Calls-to-Action for every user

Idea Match

  • Real-time Idea Match Alerts based on new ideas created across your organization
  • No search or look-up required by users
  • Proactively show relevant best practices and learnings from anywhere in your company

Idea AI Engine

  • Intelligent Idea Suggestion across all sites
  • AI Engine to identify relevant, high-impact ideas to be shared and reused
  • Central idea and best practice database for the entire organization

Rever in Action

Driving Frontline Excellence by showing real-time actionable insights

  • Real-time visibility into safety issues to address
  • Ideas created in Puebla suggested to the team in Denver
  • Recommended actions to push a team for participation
Grupo Bimbo, GSK, Mars, BASF, GrandVision, Hyundai, ...

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