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Issue Avoidance

Identify and address machine abnormalities at the frontline. Keep operations within targets and elevate operational performance.

Powering mission-critical apps for the world's best companies

Today's Challenges

Lack of a digital, standardized process and platform

  • Reactive to issues already significantly impacting OEE

  • Issues are managed, but the root cause remains

  • High recurrence of the same issues

Rever Benefits

Activating the untapped power of the frontline

  • Resolve the root cause and avoid future recurrences

  • Address issue immediately when impacting OEE

  • Standard quick fix and root cause processes
Checklist: Machine Preventive Maintenance
List of items for maintenance checks
Consistent operations across teams
6 Ways to Drive Maintenance Success
Motivate And Empower Your Maintenance Staff
Learning resource for Leaders


  • Capture Actions for Detected Issues
  • Resolve the Issue and Track Progress
  • Automate Reporting and Insights
  • Collaborate

Create a Quick Action if there is a know solution to the issue.

Create a Problem if there is no known solution to the issue, and formal RCA is required to prevent the issue in the future.

Key actions: 

  • Create the Quick Action or Problem
  • Describe the issue.
  • Assign Collaborators
  • Assign the priority, due date, type of situation, location where the issue is found

Coaches, Collaborators or Maintenance team can track the Maintenance issues completion.

Key actions: 

  • Teams work on resolving the issue and update the Quick Action and DMAIC Problem
  • Reports provide real-time insight into the status and progress
  • Document steps and evidence along the way to share learnings 
  • Capture performance and financial impact

Go to Insights and track the performance on the Issues detected

Key actions: 

  • Select the “Overview Report” to see all the Quick Actions or Problem Solving created during any period of time
  • Select the “Quick Actions Report” or “Problem Solving Report” to see more details about the issues created/completed by department and Maintenance situation type 
  • Download the Excel report to see the individual Checklist answers for every execution of the Routine.

Directory: Look for the people you would like to add as collaborators based on their job position, skills, and location.

Filter: Filter by department to see issues detected and completed by department.

Share: Admins and collaborators can share their Improvement Ideas with anyone in the company.

Mentions: Mention others via @name to send a specific comments and instructions.

Attachments: Add supporting documents using the attachments feature.

Situation Types: Organize your Ideas based on different Situation types they are impacting (AM 8 defects)

Other Use Cases