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5S Audit
Consistent process for executing a 5S Audit and capturing issues that provides reliable follow up and learning for the organization.
Today's Challenges

5S Audits are performed at inconsistent timeframes and with a variety of checklists. Findings are not always addressed due to lack of visibility and manual processes

  • 5S opportunities are identified and addressed in an informal way (e.g. Manual, Whatsapp, MSFT Teams)
  • No official way to track the historical issues detected
  • Lack of visibility into the findings from 5S audits results in solving the same issues again and again
  • Using email to send track 5S audit activity and results does not provide insights into performance


Rever Benefits

Consistent process for executing a 5S Audit and capturing issues that provides reliable follow up and learning for the organization. 

  • 5S Audit findings are captured in consistent way, inside a central repository, and accessible to everyone
  • People in the shop floor can address 5S issues quickly, and share learning with others in a consistent way
  • Full visibility of 5S Audits activity: issues detected and addressed
  • Insight to identify risk areas, positive impact on performance, and recognize top-performing managers
Prepare & Publish the 5S Routine

Create the 5S routine and the specific routine of the day in Rever. Define the teams and individuals that will do the 5S Audit Key information - Name (e.g. 5S Audit in Logistics) - Area - Assignees - Frequency
Execute the Routine & Capture Findings

Assignees executed the 5S Audit and capture their findings. Findings may range from observations, to issues or improvement ideas. Key information - Finding Description - Due date - Picture - Assignee
Follow up on Findings

Employees address Findings individually or in collaboration with colleagues. Auditors and Managers maintain visibility into Findings, help drive execution, and track progress.
Share & Report

Visibility into activity, execution, and the impact on 5S. Share the learning across the organization. Provide reports and insight to leadership teams.
Pet Food Processor & Distributor
Define 5S Audit Scope for Pet Food Packaging Stations
Establish the specific points to look for in each of the 5 S’s. Set a frequency. Complete an initial training of supervisors and operators. 5S Audit created in Rever and assigned.

Launch Routine and Capture Findings
Individuals perform 5s Audit regularly and log findings in Rever. Findings may addressed immediately, or assigned to other team members to complete.

Track Results and Impact
Execution of findings is tracked and the savings or other impact on performance documented. Reports in 5S Audit activity and results are reviewed regularly across the company.