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Customer Care
Rever allows everyone to identify, track, and resolve issues. Improving communication and delivery execution with customers.
Today's Challenges

Delivery issues are delayed in being communicated to the customer and often include incomplete or inaccurate information. 

  • Communication to customers is delayed because of internal reporting channels
  • Information provided to the customer about the issue, the resolution, and the timing are inaccurate
  • Issues are not actioned at the source and remain unresolved
  • Lack of accountability to address the root cause


Rever Benefits

Rever allows everyone to identify, track, and resolve issues. Improving communication and delivery execution with customers.

  • Accelerate customer communication to provide order updates and reset delivery expectations
  • Provide first-hand, accurate Information about the order to customers
  • Allow individuals at the source to take action and address issues in a standard, predictable manner
  • Extend visibility from the immediate  issue, to the addressing of the root-cause
Capture Delivery Issues

Delivery issue captured at the source. Key information -Issue Description -Location -Customer Impacted -Severity/Priority -Picture
Immediate Action & Customer Communication

Immediate containment actions are taken and documented. Virtual team assigned. Information provide to the customer by right individual.
Team Assigned to Resolve & Update Customer

Customer delivery issue addressed immediately by the team. Customer updated on progress. Resolution is documented and tracked for internal learning and customer history.
Increase Visibility and Tackle the Root-cause

All team members have visibility into all the customer issues and actions taken to rectify the situation, as well as avoid future occurrences.. A formal DMAIC root-cause process may be launched.
Automotive Manufacturing
Detection and Customer Notification
Irregularity on furniture pieces captured and recorded at the frontline Team assigned, including the customer manager Containment and impact analysis Decision made if customer needs to be notified

Resolution & Root-cause Analysis
Issue is addressed per standards and agreement with customer Rever DMAIC launches if needed to dig into root-cause and avoid recurrence in the future

Real-time Insights & Marketing
Dashboards provide insights into issues and trends Information for customer reporting and employee recognition for ‘putting the customer first’ Customer satisfaction with service used as marketing and sales tool