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The human side of change management: lessons learned from Toyota, Airbus, and Silicon Valley

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We seem to have a problem with change. We all know it is inevitable, and that technology is accelerating it. However, our human condition seems to get in the way of change.

We are, after all, creatures of habit. This fact seems to clash with another truth: whenever a situation changes, someone, somewhere, needs to change their behavior.

Moreover, everybody seems to agree that this is a significant obstacle when driving organizational change.

A few months ago, I surveyed my LinkedIn network. I was trying to prioritize a few subjects I intended to develop into webinars. The target audience was Executives and Leaders with the mission of driving change within their companies. Among the candidate subjects, the clear winner was Change Management: how to address the emotional and psychological factors that help people embrace change.

I dove into my arsenal of experiences leading organizational transformations in my work within companies like Toyota, Airbus, Eurocopter, Wrike and now in my work at Rever helping companies and teams in France, Germany, UK, Spain, Mexico, USA, Poland, Japan, Hong Kong and India.

The result is the webinar below:

Leading Change: How to Conquer Hearts and Minds for Lasting Impact
Master the human side of Change Management to prevent resistance. Understand the emotional and behavioral factors that drive people to embrace change.

Recorded a few weeks ago, it includes stories that involve elephants, mad drivers, firefighters, Champagne bottles, and angry Frenchmen. It does make sense when you hear the full stories and examples.

If your job is to lead teams and organizations through change (there is no reason why it should not be, if you are a manager), this is for you. Enjoy!

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