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Checklist: 6S Lean Manufacturing Walk

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Are there excess supplies and equipment present?

Are work areas cluttered (this includes pick cart work areas)?

Is product in correct locations ( part on correct shelf, product in correct composite )?

Systematic Organization

Are items placed in marked locations, I.e. pallet jacks, garbage cans, supplies, etc.?

Are supplies within posted min/max requirements?

Are shelves organized (boxes closed, one box open at a time, no trash present)?

Are employees following work instructions?


Are floors clear of dirt and debris?

Is equipment clean and organized?

Are cleaning supplies accessible?

Is signage in good condition?

Are employees addressing cleanliness issues as they see them?

Simplify and Standardize

Are ISO work instructions posted and up to date?

Are supplies readily accessible?

Are quantities and limits such as pallet heights visible?

Is work left incomplete ( previous day product left out, etc)?

Do employees know ISO and 5S practices?

Are employees dressed in Fastenal apparel?

Are proper forms being utilized (ladder, lift and harness inspections, battery sheets, etc.)?


Are previous audit results posted?


Are fire exits and extinguishers accessible?

Are employees using proper PPE, I.e. gloves in rod and strut, steel toes on docks, eye protection in tool repair, etc.?

Are employees adhering to cell phone and radio policy?

Is the department free of trip hazards?

Are safety guards in use (cage doors, mezzanine gates, machine guards, dock chains, etc.)?

Are employees using caution around machines?

Are pallets and composites laying flat and stacked securely and neatly?

Are proper lifting procedures being observed?

Are pallets that are in use in good condition?


Are only trained employees operating equipment?

Are employees signaling at intersections?

Are employees using reverse appropriately when carrying large loads?

Are forklifts left only in appropriate areas?



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