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Checklist: Gemba Walk Checklist Template

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Use this General Gemba Walk checklist to document challenges, interviews and opportunities identified from your Gemba Walks. Start inspection with a classification of work and write down the names of inspectors. Then ask the workers if they are meeting the goals set for them and if they have any input about the method. Note how they determine their challenges and write down their solutions and resources used for the project. Lastly, provide your information on how to put in place and maintain a better process.



General Information

List of participants:


Description of work:

Analyzing processes

What is the standard or method by which you are working?

What is the aim we’re trying to accomplish with this process?

Does the standard or process appear clear?

Yes | No | N/A

What are we doing/do you do to meet the standard or process?

What can we do to make the process better?


What can we do to flag nonconformances directly so we can perform corrective action?

What have you done to fix the root of the problem?

What kind of problems are you running into here?

Why is this a challenge?

What is the next plan?

Tools and resources

Are our data and charts updated?

Yes | No | N/A

Do you have everything you need for this method?

Yes | No | N/A

What would support break down obstacles to solving problems?

Continuous improvement

What is the currently the highest priority and why?

What do you want to improve today?

Do you have any other questions?

Yes | No | N/A


Any further observations or recommendations?

Name and Signature of the Inspector:



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