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Behavioral Based Safety
Rever allows anyone to identify, address, and track Behavioral Based Safety issues. Leverage a central location for tracking and reporting.
Today's Challenges

Compliance with mandatory BBS programs is challenged by the lack of visibility into activities across the organization.

  • Lack of visibility into observed BBS violations
  • Inability to share learnings across organization
  • Cannot track the feedback per department to report the findings, solutions, and behavior corrections
  • No standard process to capture and address the issues to fix and ideas for improvement


Rever Benefits

Rever allows anyone to identify, address, and track BBS issues. Leverage a central location for tracking and reporting.

  • Standard process that enables everyone, everywhere to consistently capture BBS opportunities at the source
  • Visibility into BBS activity across the organization for reporting and progress tracking 
  • Share BBS activity, learnings, and trends across the organization
Capture the BBS Opportunities

BBS violation or opportunity is captured at the source. Key information -Type of situation/behavior -Location/department -Team member (observer) -Time
Share Findings and Provide Feedback

All team members can share BBS opportunities and provide feedback to their co-workers. Capture the observations and provide feedback
Take Action

All team members take action on BBS opportunities in order to resolve, or prevent, unsafe workplace conditions based on the current behaviors.
Increase Visibility and Compliance

Managers have visibility into the BBS opportunities, activities, and solutions to conduct reinforcement meetings, as well as complete compliance reporting.
Food & Beverage Manufacturing
Establish Safety Standards
Confirm safety standards and ensure they are incorporated within Standard Operating procedures. Communicate to employees via training the expected safety protocols.

Create Proactive Culture
Enable all employees to proactively capture opportunities to correct violations or improve the current standards. Commend employees when safety standards are practiced and highlight when employees proactively advise or act on a possible safety breach (a ‘nice catch’).

Track Behaviors
Measuring proactive behavior is critical to daily operations. It allows the client to identify areas of recurring safety incidents and analyzing trends. Providing insight into opportunity areas enables the client to efficiently direct their corrective efforts and enabling better decision making.