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Field Service
Rever allows employees to capture, share, and address issues, as well as implement improvements, in the field.
Today's Challenges

Employees are unable to capture and action issues in the field.

  • No standardized process to detect and resolve field issues at the frontline
  • Delayed response to issues detected in the field extend downtime
  • Losing expertise and experience as field engineers move on
  • Inconsistent visibility for reporting and employee recognition
  • Unable to extend continuous improvement culture to the field


Rever Benefits

Rever allows employees to capture, share, and address issues, as well as implement improvements, in the field.

  • Standardized and centralized, process to report and address issues in the field¬†
  • Faster, consistent sharing of information from the field
  • Field expertise and learnings are maintained in a central system
  • Increase visibility and reporting to field issues for trending, as well as employee recognition¬†
  • Extension of continuous improvement culture to the field
Capture Field Issues

Issues, or improvement ideas, captured in the field by the field engineers. Key information -Issue Description -Type of issue -Location/department -Picture
Assign Field Issue

Create a virtual team to address the issue. Everyone on the team has access to all the information and progress.
Resolve Field Issue

As progress is made, updates are delivered, learnings captured, and the resolution documented.
Track, Report, and Recognize

Visibility into incoming and resolved issues for better management and reporting. Recognition to those finding and solving issues.
Consumer Goods Manufacturing
Document & Communicate from the Field
Drivers and technicians at customer sites often run into unexpected situations (missing/broken items, site issues). By logging the situation in Rever, they kick off a process to inform the site team, and to address the situation.

Address & Track Progress
The situation may be resolved immediately, or it can be escalated to a virtual team to take action. Improvement ideas that require additional time and resources are tracked through Rever through the PDCA process.

Recognize & Share
Recognition of top contributors to enhancing the field operations is done on a monthly basis by the team. The library of resolved issues and innovation ideas is available across the organization to share best practices.